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It is an undisputed fact that flip-flops are very cool. They keep your feet cool, they are easy to throw on and they come in several colors and styles just about anyone can love. They’re casual. They are fun. They are friendly. “It is also important to add the fact that wearing women beach shoes is way better than walking barefoot at the beach or anywhere because of the protection they offer.

Useful tips when wearing flip flops

1. Don’t drive and flip-flop:

That is a bad idea. Just like any backless shoe, there is a possibility that your flip-flops will slip off your feet and get stuck under the brake or gas pedal. Driving shoes should always be solid in structure and secure. If you’re not worried about your own safety, think about everyone else on the road. Ladies already know the problems with driving in a shoe that have a tall and slender heel.

2. Consider the activity:

Flip-flops are fine or better for short-term use, especially if they have at least some arch or curve support and a cushioned sole. Flip flops and women summer shoes are good to wear at the gym, around pools and when on short trips.
Don’t wear them for running, hiking, walking long distances, standing for a long time or playing sports.

3. “Broken in” doesn’t have to mean “beautiful”:

Just like you would with running shoes, you need to replace your flip-flops every few months. A little wear and tear or damage are manageable but bigger damage is dangerous.

4. Consider where you’re going:

Flip-flops offer virtually no protection against broken glass and other sidewalk debris. If you’re not willing to give your feet a cover, then keep your eyes open and remain alert.

5. Treat. Your Self:

It’s important or necessary to keep your feet clean, moisturized and pampered. For one thing, everyone can see them, so you might as well keep them looking their best. But in all, it’s a good idea to treat your feet well after they have been exposed to so much sun and dirt and water. Womens beach shoes are to offer protection.

6. Go for leather flip-flops, if possible:

The American Podiatric Medical Association reminds us that leather makes it less likely for you to get a blister. Which means you will get that rustic, well-worn look without having to actually break the shoes in too much.

7. Use common sense when you’re shopping:

Your flip-flops can and should, however, bend just at the ball of the foot and sharing of the flip-flop is not really good when it comes to foot safety.

The best flip-flops for women:

1. Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe Flip-Flop:

This type of flip-flop is perfect and good for the beach because of its built-in good footbed.

2. Vionic Women’s Bella II Sandal:

These type of flip-flops can easily take you from the grocery store to lunch with the girls. This type of flip-flop is designed by podiatrists to increase stability and realign your feet.

3. Reef Women’s Cushion Bounce Court Leather Flip-Flops:

They also come with an arch or curve support.

4. Olukai Women’s Ohana Sandal:

This type of sandal lasts a long time, feels supportive and is available in several colours.

5. Crocs Women’s Capri V Sequin W Flip-Flop:

This type of flip-flops has good arch support that allows wearers to comfortably walk a decent distance.


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