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Soldering iron and their tips help you solder a wide variety of items including the PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards. Some simple measures help you enhance the life of your iron tips, improve the quality of work, and derive better energy savings as well.

Soldering iron is an invaluable and economical tool that can help to solder a variety of materials. But like all other industrial machinery and equipment, the soldering tools and irons also require certain maintenance/safety measures and efforts to have a better life and to produce good quality outcomes. Below are some tips that will help you to take better care of your soldering iron.

Keep Your Iron Clean

The soldering iron tips get reasonably hot during work and hence undergo oxidation. The oxidized layers do not allow the proper transfer of heat and therefore, energy expenditure increases while the quality of work reduces. Keeping your tips shiny and clean is therefore important. The accumulation of old solder, carbon, and other kinds of debris can be simply wiped off. You can also melt a tiny amount of solder on the tip and clean it again as the flux provides for better cleaning of the tip. Commercial tip cleaners are also available. They are a mixture of aggressive flux, and all you need to do is to decide the tip of the iron into the tin of the commercial cleaner and twist it slightly. Later wipe the tip with a damp sponge.

Also, ensure that the rest of your soldering iron is also clean during storage. Some material may get accumulated on the other hot part of the iron (excluding the tip). This also deteriorates the performance of the iron. Therefore, the iron should be cleaned fully before you start to use it.

Try Using A Microprocessor Controlled Soldering Iron

Soldering iron with a microprocessor can automatically control the temperature of the tip. Hence the sudden temperatures spikes are avoided and the life of the tip of the iron increase.

Empower The Iron When Not In Use

Always remember to turn “off” the soldering iron when it is not in use. This will help in the prevention of the wear and tear of iron’s components.

Do Not Allow Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can heat the tip of the soldering iron and damage it so that it turns to be useless prematurely. In most cases of leaded solder usage, the temperature required is around 300°C. Ensure that your soldering iron maintains optimum temperature and never exceeds the limits.

Carefully Use The Power Cord Of The Soldering Iron

The power cord of the soldering iron should be secured and stored away from the area of work. The cord should never come in contact with the hot soldering iron as it may not only be harmful to the iron but also cause an accident. Therefore proper and careful work setup is required.

Use A Soldering Iron Carefully

The enthusiasts and beginners may use excessive force when they are not getting the results they anticipate. But the application of heavy force will damage the sensor array, heating element, cartridge and other components of the soldering iron and reduce its life. Therefore, the soldering iron and its tip should be used professionally and carefully.

When the tip has lived its life and served its purpose, you should replace it, and carry out the change process carefully. The best industrial equipment suppliers have for you advanced and sophisticated soldering machines/stations with features that help you save electricity while improving the quality of work.




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