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electric powered shavers always have some hassle and can not update disposable flashy blades for the best task. This become my end on any electric shaver after the use of a number of the quality name within the market. Being a heavy bearded man I cannot rely on electric shaver for a clean shave as it would constantly miss a few hair to capture.

believe me i’d have in no way bought any other electric shaver but I were given this Braun electric powered shaver as a least marvel gift. And on account that then the whole thing has changed about my idea on electric shaver. subsequently, this Braun series 7 replacement head lives up to the hype because the satisfactory ever to date.

The generation and USP

For the primary time Braun is the use of Gillette generation for its cutter block and foil. although Braun and Gillette are subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble they use their personal respective technology till with this series 5, 360° complete. this could or might not be the reason however the performance of Braun 8985 is splendid. This generation captures extra hair effortlessly and  passes is good sufficient to give a easy shave.

some other cause to credit for its excessive give up overall performance and consistency is the era of smooth and renew gadget. This Volgopoint Braun shaver comes with a cleansing station that smooth and renew the shaver’s head with alcohol based cleaning answer and oil for lubrication. After going through the easy and renew machine cleansing your shaver’s overall performance is lower back to 100% and additionally gives clean lemon heady scent.

unlike some electric shaver you could nearly be rest assured that you don’t get inflammation or rashes to your pores and skin except there are different reasons. You get a completely easy experience of shaving.

The shaver use LED lighting indicator to display diverse information and standing. some fashions just like the 8995 makes use of lcd and show greater statistics. you also get statistics for elements alternative, that means data on whilst to alternate certain components. you can reset the button when you changed the elements.


The cutter block and foil wishes to get replaced after every 18 months to get back to new like performance. i am positive this will rely upon your usage and might final longer. a few stated it remaining for greater than 2 years. i’m yet to enjoy that.

I won’t say maintenance is cheap. You want to buy easy and renew refills which fee $15.seventy three for three packs on the time of writing this newsletter. You need around five-6 packs of refills for a 12 months deliver.

for the reason that that is an alcohol primarily based cleaning solution it evaporates rapid and will preserve to evaporate even in case you do not use. To avoid this you can put off the cartridge from the station and reseal the cap every time now not in use.

price – quality purchase

I think, the benefits and the specific functions to supply great overall performance does no longer come free of charge. but, thinking about the first-rate and performance, the product is a precise good deal. The I think, the benefits and the precise features to deliver fine overall performance does now not come free of charge. however, considering the quality and overall performance, the product is a precise good buy. The best purchase available on line is $139.ninety nine. i might advice to test on line aggressive prices rather than paying complete fee to nearby stores.


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