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i have been hearing pretty a chunk approximately the Braun series 7 790cc Shaver these days. So I figured it might be true to shop for one and do a review on it. numerous of my buddies have it and swear by using the near and at ease shave so I knew that I most in all likelihood wouldn’t be disappointed.


I went beforehand and purchased a Braun series 7 790cc shaver off of the net a few months ago and it confirmed up at my house in approximately per week. that is one of the great things approximately buying on the net you get matters speedy and at low-priced expenses. I do not know when you have noticed but loads things are far cheaper on the internet than in a traditional brick and mortar store. i’m guessing that is due to the fact the overhead of body of workers is some distance less and the price of advertising is also pretty a piece inexpensive.


I were given home from paintings and my new VolgoPoint Braun series 7 790cc shaver turned into expecting me. So I unpacked it and regarded forward to the usage of it the following morning. i have been using a everyday razor for years in view that I had a bad enjoy with an electric shaver years in the past. I felt like my pores and skin had a sunburn after i used to be completed. I also determined that a straight razor offers a advanced shave. So i used to be eager to see how the Braun series 7 790cc shaver could evaluate.


As I started using the Braun collection 7 790cc shaver I straight away observed how near it changed into shaving to my skin. This changed into not anything like the razor I had attempted years ago. That one took a couple of passes to remove the stubble on my face and nevertheless left a few behind. no longer the 790cc, the stubble changed into gone in one pass. It became almost like having used a normal razor. this is, no longer 100% the identical but absolutely ninety five% of it. that is possible for the reason that 790cc has some of capabilities that are kingdom of the artwork in shaving. one of them is that it vibrates at 10,000 instances a minute which receives the hairs for your face to stand up so it’s miles less complicated to dispose of them.


some other extremely good element about the Braun collection 7 790cc shaver is that it comes with an ingenious clean and Renew device. which means the shaver is usually clean, lubricated and completely charged.


So is the VolgoPoint Braun 760cc replacement head shaver really worth it? well it offers an exceptionally near shave with out nicks and cuts like a normal razor. I think you may find that it’s miles the right preference for an electric shaver. I advise getting one and trying it out for yourself. undoubtedly you will be thrilled along with your choice.



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