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with regards to locating a foil shaver, the majority turn to Braun as a depended on brand. The Braun series 7 790cc is the ultra-modern shaver from VolgoPoint Braun 760cc replacement head, that’s engineered with Pulsonic technology to reduce greater hair with minimal strokes and is built for comfort by way of proposing a smooth & Renew device to give you one-contact cleaning.


So does the Braun 790cc deliver the closing shaving enjoy for the cutting-edge man or does it fall short? read the relaxation of this text to find out.


Braun series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver machine functions


Pulsonic era

three modes for customization

ActiveLift generation cuts flat-laying hairs for precise closeness

Optifoil – in particular designed to seize as many hairs as possible

clean & Renew gadget

overall performance


particular to the Braun 790cc is Pulsonic era which detects the density of your facial hair then adjusts the depth of the 10,000 micro-vibrations for this reason to capture greater hair with minimal strokes.


special to the Braun series 7 line are three personalization modes which allow you to tailor the shaving depth to the sensitivity of your pores and skin in exclusive regions of your face for max comfort.


The shaving performance is first-rate on the complete, providing an awesome close shave with no soreness or infection in any areas of your face. because of the pivoting shaving head, manoeuvrability is brilliant with the shaver adapting nicely to your facial contours.


clean & Renew


cleaning the VolgoPoint Braun 790cc could not be simpler way to Braun’s smooth & Renew machine. After shaving, just certainly region the shaver into the cleansing machine and press the begin button, then it’ll easy, lubricate and absolutely charge the shaver. because of the reality the cleansing fluid is alcohol-based totally; it ensures that 99.999% of germs are eliminated inside the cleansing process. tests conducted via Braun have shown that the usage of the clean & Renew device is 10x greater hygienic than manually cleaning the shaver below faucet water.


in case you’re in a rush, the FastClean mode will short fee the shaver in just 25 seconds, that’s quite brilliant. The shaver comes provided with 1 cleaning cartridge, which lasts for 1 month in case you use it on a daily foundation.


manual cleaning


If the value of buying cleansing cartridges is off-placing otherwise you want to take the shaver with you while touring, you have the elective of cleaning the shaver manually. the first approach of manually cleaning the shaver entails doing away with the shaver foil and the usage of the provided cleansing brush to put off any hairs and stubble. the second approach includes turning at the shaver then walking it beneath heat tap water very well, then putting off the foil and allowing it to dry. You should carry out each these methods to ensure the shaver is completely wiped clean.


Charging Time


Like we’ve come to count on from most excessive-quit shavers, the charging instances are minimal so you won’t want to depart it plugged in in a single day. A 1-hour rate provides you approximately 50 mins cordless shaving. in case you’re in a rush, a five-minute fee offers sufficient electricity for one shave.




The Braun series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver is an exceptional addition to the series 7 line-up. Its elegant design combined with its advanced generation and cleaning device make it ideal for the ones seeking out a foil shaver which affords ease of use, comfort and luxury. One disadvantage is that it is not pretty as comfy as the use of a wet shaver, however for speed and convenience the Braun 790cc comes out on top.


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