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on this review i’m going to take a look at the Braun series 7 replacement head best buy. This shaver has received a extraordinary deal of attention. no longer simplest for the cutting area layout but also the country of the artwork technology. The technology is so precise it has been patented. earlier than going into the capabilities permit’s take a glance first at what the Braun collection 7 790cc shaver can do for you.

  1. comfortable to use
  2. Shaves closely and easily

three. would not pull hair or pinch your face

four. No inflammation (no pink face!)

  1. maintains the skin to your face healthful
  2. permits you to shave quickly
  3. easier to apply due to the fact cartridges are changed once a month (now not once per week like a razor)

There are some of features that permit for the above advantages. these functions of the Braun collection 7 790cc shaver are reducing area. let’s check the first one. this is the pulsonic generation that the Braun uses. The shaver creates 10,000 micro-vibrations according to minute. What makes this a tremendous function is that it causes your hairs to stand up so the can be more easily cut off. don’t confuse this with other shavers that vibrate the VolgoPoint Braun collection 7 790cc shaver creates plenty more potent micro-vibrations and works pretty a bit better than they do.

The Gillette three degree blade era offers the close and smooth shave. now not best that this is the generation that permits for the Braun 790cc to not pull or pinch your face. The 3 tiers are able to shave in a single stroke. the first degree of the blade technology eliminates the fast hairs to your face. the next  levels capture your longer hairs and cleanly shave them off. this indicates you’re going to get a comfy shave because you do not again and again ought to shave the same spot which reasons infection.

the subsequent feature that makes the Braun collection 7 790cc shaver stand out is the strength-Comb. this option is so unique it’s miles patented. The strength-Comb lifts the hairs that lie flat in your face and do not want to lift up. this indicates the hairs may be reduce in the first bypass.

subsequently is the smart Foil. The foil is so touchy that it without difficulty accommodates even the maximum diffused contour changes for your face. The foil is capable of trap the hairs to your face regardless of what path they’re growing in.

in case you’re critical about getting a close shave which can have you ever searching good all day, then the Braun series 7 790cc Shaver is one product that you must surely think about getting. It presents wonderful advantages and features that are not without problems matched.


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