Health and FitnessBuying Guide: Things To Consider To Find the Right Nebulizer

john millerAugust 27, 2021305 min

A nebulizer is a device that delivers drugs to your body by converting a liquid medicine into a breathable mist. That’s the simplest definition of this device. Now, if you check out, there is a wide variety of nebulizers for sale. But, Nebulizer is not a toy that you can just buy, whichever is the cheapest or easily available. There are so many things to be considered before purchasing this medical device. Following are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing the right one for you. 

Consider size

Nebulizers come in different shapes and sizes. Though the shape of his device has hardly to do anything with its requirement, the size should be appropriate. Now, how to know what size to buy. For that, you just need to know who it is actually for a kid or an adult? There are two types of nebulizers, pediatric nebulizers, and adult nebulizers. Also, the pediatric nebulizer comes in fun shapes; the adult one is more standard in appearance. 


Another thing that you would want to consider is the design of the nebulizer. There are two choices when it comes to design – a handheld nebulizer or a tabletop device. Both work the same; it’s just a matter of convenience. Think about which one will be easier for you to use and how you are planning to use it. Some nebulizers are heavy that will weigh you down, while the others are light enough to lift and use. If it’s for personal use at home, a handheld device would be better as you can carry it along everywhere. 

Noise level

noise level may not be a very vital thing, but the noise level that a nebulizer creates is a concern of personal preference. If you plan to use the device at night, you may skip the one with large compressors. 

Speed required

The next important thing to be considered is the speed of medication delivered by the device. The speed of the nebulizer to deliver the drug is different in all devices. So, it depends on how crucial the situation gets when you run for a nebulizer.

Delivery system

After speed, next is how you want to receive the medication. Nebulizers come with different medication delivery systems, and the most common ones are vibrating mesh, ultrasonic wave, and atomizer. All these have different mechanisms, so they work differently. 

Consider these things to buy the best nebulizer machine for you.

john miller

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