Real EstateBuying Houses, Timing is Critical

AdminJuly 30, 20201285 min

Of course, you want to save a few dollars on your new real estate interest – you want to make sure you get this house at the most reasonable and affordable price possible, to make sure you have money left over for improvements, alterations, furniture and all this little business information. of properties … no? We and other real estate investors have conducted research that suggests that the most important part of getting a good deal on your home is when you make the offer.

Forget being charismatic, a good salesperson or anything else you think is important for the owner salesperson to accept your offer and stay focused at the moment. Almost all real estate agents will suggest bidding in the lowest part of the real estate market but the best in business are Rocky Top Home Buyers: the lower the temperature (yes, the temperature), the greater the chance that they will accept your offer. Many people seem to target their property search in the early spring, unfortunately this is widely considered the top of the real estate market – the most unlikely time for your lowball offer to be accepted.

Holding house keys on house shaped keychain in front of a new home

Robert Irwin, the famous author and real estate investor, has suggested that the period between Christmas and New Year would be the most appropriate time for you to make a cheap offer. Investors and other buyers are all on vacation or have forgotten their real estate investments at the moment, while sellers are still waiting for their home to sell.

Many sources suggest that this “seasonal phenomenon” is only really felt in places with large temperature currents over the years, suggesting that the colder the climate, the fewer people looking for houses – for some reason. In Florida or in some of the warmer real estate markets, this temperature phenomenon is irrelevant and is unlikely to be noticed.

Regardless, in this case, however, it is the last week of the year, between Christmas and New Year. If it is not too long to wait, you may have to wait until then with the presentation of your offer.


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