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Cancer is a disease in which a large number of abnormal cells (cells) start to form inside the body. These sales continue to grow and divide in an uncontrolled way. These cancer cells destroy the tissues of the body …

Cancer cells can also spread to a person’s entire body in certain situations. You may be surprised to know that in today’s time Cancer has become such a dangerous disease for the world, which has become the second major cause of total deaths in the world every year.

What is cancer?

We can understand cancer in the common language, such as the formation of some cells in the body in a non-essential way and continuing to grow. Due to this, more than one lump can be formed inside the body and in some cases. These lumps are a bunch of non-essential cells, which grow continuously and damage the tissues of our body.

Symptoms of cancer

Symptoms of cancer depend on which part of a person’s body the disease has occurred. But still, there are some symptoms that can be seen in every patient, even if he has some kind of cancer …


– Constant cough and difficulty in breathing.

– Difficulty swallowing anything while eating.

– Feeling of a lump inside the skin.

– Rapid weight loss or increase.

– Change the skin color. Such as increased redness, blackness, or yellowness.

-Urin problems or changes in it.

– Constant indigestion complaint or feeling upset after eating anything.

– To have heaviness in voice.

– Undue pain in joints and muscles.

– High fever or night sweats.

This is the reason why cancer thrives

Cancerous disease is usually caused by DNA mutations within cells. The cell or cell has DNA inside it and contains many genes. These genes only instruct the cell how to grow, how to divide it and how to function.

Why is there cancer?

If there is any error or mistake in the way the gene is given and the way the cell works by understanding those instructions, then the error prevents the cell from functioning normally. Also, this problem can work to convert a cell into a cancer cell.

Why does cancer cell growth not stop?

Gene mutation also tells the cell when to stop its growth, how fast to grow and for how long. Based on this mutation, many new cells are created. But the cells whose functioning is disturbed, they go uncontrolled and cause cancer. Because the tumor suppressor (tumor inhibitor) gene inside them loses control over these cells. Because of this they continue to grow, divide and spread.

When should the doctor see?

-If you see any of the above mentioned symptoms in your body for a long time, due to which your lifestyle and work is not related, then you should go to the cancer doctor in delhi.

– If you do not have any such symptom in you, but still you want to be comforted about the possibility that such a disease is not developing in you. Then see your doctor and ask them which tests might be helpful for you.

It can also take several decades for any type of cancer to develop. This is a big reason that most of the patients who have cancer disease are around 65 years of age. However, it is not the case that this disease occurs at an early age. This is a problem that can take any person of any age into their own hands. It is just necessary that it is checked in time and it gets caught.


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