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Teeth whitening makes your smile look great no matter what the reason is. Even if you care for your recently whitened teeth, brushing them but consuming win and other staining drinks may play the spoilsport. Professional tooth whitening is safe, easy and doesn’t take longer than an hour. But if you have invested in teeth whitening, you would want to know how to protect the teeth from the new stains.

Even if the dentist had used laser teeth whitening or chemical whitening techniques, you can quickly damage the teeth whitening treatment due to certain lifestyle habits and staining food and drinks. Here are the tips you would need to make the professional tooth whitening last longer and protect them from future stains.

Don’t Consume Staining Foods

Some food and drinks are known to damage the tooth whitening for their potent staining power. Coffee, tea, berries, red and white wine, tomato sauce and sugar food and drinks have properties that break-down the tooth enamel and leave stains. You will surely not want this result after spending time and money on opalescence boost Baton Rouge.

Take Foods That Protect Your Teeth

Some foods are good for oral health, and they can help you keep your teeth healthy and shining white. Crunchy fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water like celery and apples produce saliva when you chew them. The saliva works to neutralize the acid that breaks down the tooth enamel and leave your teeth prone to staining. Similarly, cheese is another food for teeth due to similar reasons. When you chew cheese, it increases saliva production. The cheese has calcium and phosphorus that keeps the tooth enamel healthy and resilient to decay and stains.

Brush After Taking Meals

While some foods and drinks can stain the teeth more than the others, most food and drinks can undo the effects of teeth whitening over time. Brushing teeth after taking meal goes a long way in increasing the life of the professional tooth whitening. The food particles and the bacteria are washed away, keeping teeth healthy and strong to fight stains and decay. It is certainly a good idea to keep the toothbrush at work so that you can brush after lunch or coffee. When you cannot brush after a meal or snack, do mouthwash to keep the bacteria away.

Drink Liquids using Straw

While you may not be using a straw for drinking, coffee, tea or wine, it may the right time to start. In this way, you can enjoy your favourite drinks while avoiding stains at the same time. Drinking in this way keep the liquids from touching the outside of your teeth. You can use a straw for drinking soda and other drinks that often have artificial colours that can potentially break-down the tooth enamel and stain your teeth.


Using these tips for opalescence boost Baton Rouge can surely help to keep your teeth from staining for long.


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