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Poor names – Names littered with hyphens, adult names, “4”s for the number “four”, “2”s for the number “two”, “U”s for the word “you”, etc. Don’t waste your time listing names like these. They rarely sell.

Become an affiliate: Another thing you could do is become an affiliate and sell products made by somebody else. To become an affiliate and make money online is the most popular and convenient thing to do. A good affiliate program doesn’t just offer products to sell, it also tells you how to do it. It teaches you to build your business online. Be careful that they don’t charge a fee for joining the program. When something is sold vide their link on your site, you make your commissions. Simple. Packing and shipping is something you don’t have to bother about. It gets taken care of by them.

Choosing a domain name is more important than you think. Look! A domain could make or break a sale just like that. When your naming your blog for an example don’t be cheap with the domain name by buying .info or exotic looking ones like .me go with either .com or .net and that’s it! Because other Internet marketers click here and if the name looks unprofessional or watered down they will easily by pass you.

This is a great way to make money from the internet. If you can write then you can earn. There are countless website owners looking for unique well written content. If you love writing and can provide error free informative articles or website content, these people will pay you for it.

Michael:That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.So why don’t you tell everyone what you offer as far as building these established turnkey websites for sale. I mean if someone wanted anything could they get it?

Also, please keep in mind that your materials, presentation, and responses will be graded as part of the business in a way. Why? Because, how can your business be successful if you are unorganized, not well presented, and not able to respond quickly and concisely? This is what the buyer will be thinking. And in my experience, this is pretty accurate.

Finally you need to list your turnkey websites for sale. It is recommended that you list it on multiple forums to get the most potential buyers interested as you possibly can. Two forums that are the best for selling websites are DigitalPoint and SitePoint, however there are many more available. Be sure to include your asking price, buy it now price, duration of auction, proof of traffic and income, as well as contact info. You will want to negotiate privately, this gives you the option to seek out more than one party and play them against each other in a bidding war.

Of the three men who appeared, two were collectors (“Joe” and “Todd”) and one was an owner of a website that sold murderous items. They all thought what they were doing was okay and no wrongdoing should be applied. “William”, the owner of the website, has items for sale that include a picture of Charles Manson’s hair and John Wayne Gacy. According to Wikipedia, Gacy was a serial killer and rapist who murdered at least 33 young men and boys from 1972 to 1976. He was executed by lethal injection in May 1994. William also has gone to grave sites to get dirt where criminals have been buried and wanted an item from the racially motivated crime in the killing of James Byrd Jr., the African American who was tied up and dragged behind a truck in Jasper, Texas on June 7, 1998.

Business Opportunities describes what the page is about. Index1 tells you nothing about the page. Index1 will rank horribly in the search engines whereas business-opportunities/html can benefit you tremendously if the page is optimized for this keyword phrase. Bottom line Is if an Adult Turnkey Website designer creates your website and names your pages index1, index2 etc… have he or she change the names to have each page optimized for a particular keyword phrase that will make you money.

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