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A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cells in the brain or spinal cord. It may affect the functioning of the nervous system because of which it can prove to be a threat to your life.

Causes Of Brain Tumors

Researchers have been unable to understand the exact causes of brain tumors thoroughly. However, some risk factors are as follows:

Family History

The risk of you having a brain tumor is significantly higher in case your close relatives have a brain tumor. According to research, the inherited changes in genes may result in syndromes such as tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, Li Fraumeni syndrome, Gorlin syndrome, etc. These increase the risk associated with a brain tumor and some other cancers. Most brain tumors arising due to family history can be cured with brain tumor surgery.


Brain tumors can occur in any person of any age. However, the risk factor is higher in children and individuals who are aged, especially those above 80 years. Brain tumor surgery can also be risky for older patients.

Exposure To Radiation

Radiation-induced brain tumors are very uncommon. It is caused primarily because of the radiation given to a patient’s head to treat other cancers. This exposure to ionizing radiation increases the risks of a brain tumor in the later stages, usually after ten years of radiation treatment.


Research suggests a connection between obesity and meningioma. It is a non-cancerous brain tumor that grows around the membrane lining the brain and the spinal cord. People with excess weight are likely to produce more insulin, which results in this type of tumor.

Weak Immune System

A person with a weak immune system is at a higher risk of having a brain tumor. The most common of them are lymphomas. Moreover, any changes in the immune activity can help identify the brain tumor at an early stage, which can thereby allow more effective treatment.

Environmental Factors

Increased exposure to fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides may cause a brain tumor. Moreover, some studies suggest that working with chemicals used in manufacturing plastic such as vinyl chloride is also harmful.

The factors mentioned above are the primary causes of brain tumors. However, a person who has any of the risk factors mentioned above might not necessarily develop a brain tumor. The research on the causes of brain tumors is still ongoing.

Brain Tumor Surgery

One of the most primary treatments for brain tumors is through surgery. Craniotomy and Neruoendoscopy are the two types of brain tumor surgeries A craniotomy is performed under the effect of the anesthetic. An area of the bone is cut out from the skull. The second type of surgery may be Neuroendoscopy. Here, the endoscope is put through a small hole that is made into the skull to remove the tumor.

Brain tumour surgery may sound frightening, but it is the best option to stop the tumor from progressing.

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