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AdminSeptember 14, 2020398 min

Serving customers well and creating good experiences for them is what every organization must do to survive and thrive in what is a very competitive and cut-throat environment. Lax approach and lapse in serving customers by going out of their way have costed and will continue to cost organizations badly, in the sense that they begin to lose out on key accounts and in the process, a lot of money. Happy customers keep a company’s cash coffers in a healthy state and for that, having a CRM Software in place with tested capabilities is imperative.

For the past many decades, many CRM software have been used and discarded by organizations worldwide for simply not being up to the mark. Some were good, some were bad, some satisfactory and some awful. After having tried and tested so many, at the end of the day the kind of acceptance and satisfaction that companies have gotten from using Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been incomparable. Given below are some reasons which will make it easy for you to decide why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is indeed the CRM software for you to work on in order to keep your customers happy.

  • You Get Critical Business Insights: The software provides end users with valuable business intelligence and data visualization. Users get the kind of data they want such as sales forecasts, targets, quotas and customer buying patterns in order to propel growth and boost revenue. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s ability to deliver to users up-to-date information is next to precious to take key decisions.
  • You Will Find It Familiar to Other Microsoft Applications: When you get a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Australia or UK or US or in any other part of the world done, your implementation partner will configure it in such a way that you get access to a powerful set of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities within your Microsoft Outlook Client.
  • You Get Access to the Microsoft Partner Network: In more than 82 countries, there are companies, both small and medium-sized, implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for organizations. They sell, service and provide support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase both relevance and value of their implementation. No other company in the world has been able to create such a humungous network, through which the software can be easily implemented and support is no issue at all.
  • You Get to Raise Your Productivity by Many Notches: Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s capabilities help you create a connected organization. This is essential if you are to service your customers well. Not only do you get to increase your productivity but also create compelling and engaging experiences, a must to build a loyal and happy clientele. You automatically begin to stand out from the others and look a niche organization.
  • You Get to Experience Microsoft’s Cloud Advantage: Take this. Microsoft invests over $2 billion annually to improve its cloud infrastructure. It does so to reduce system management and maintenance costs. Moreover, CRM is always available to you on cloud and you only pay for the space you use. Most importantly, you have a 99.9 percent financially backed Service Level Agreement to cushion you!
  • You Get Immense Value and Unbelievable Flexibility: The total cost of ownership of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that includes training, licensing, service, deployment, administration and maintenance is far lesser as compared to other customer relationship management software. Additional value comes from the fact that the media and industry analysts have generally a good opinion about Microsoft products. As far as flexibility is concerned, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be customized to support extended scenarios. This make sit easy for organization to manage critical relations with customers, contractors, partners and suppliers alike. 

So whether you are based out of Australia and are getting a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Australia or in any other country, you have ample reasons to get one done so that you raise your game and deliver more value to customers, in the process creating a happy and loyal clientele.


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