TechnologyClick-to-Call: A Deep Dive to Understanding the Basics

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Today, most organizations focus on enhancing customer engagement through innovative technological means. And studies have shown that online customers usually prefer websites that are equipped with embedded callback technology. These initiatives help in an improved customer experience which leads to building greater brand loyalty and brand retention.

It enforces a connection with the customer- a connection that goes beyond the transactional level.

Therefore, Click2Call plays an integral role in reinforcing this connection. This technology, without invading the privacy of the customer enables them to interact with the service provider in the most convenient, user-friendly, secure, and reliable way possible.

So, let’s deep dive into understanding the basics of this Click-to-Call technology.

What is Click-to-Call?

As the name suggests, the Click2Call feature allows the potential customers to get in touch with the company representative in real-time. Simply by clicking the Contact Us or Call Now button/option, they are redirected to the company’s website/app. Additionally, this type of digital communication also enables customers to receive a call from the company just by dropping their number on the company’s website/app.

Sometimes, customers want to talk only to a real person; this is where this feature becomes very useful for customer-facing teams across the industries.

How Click-to-Call Impacts Customer Experience

  • No stress on memory- there is no need to remember or saving contact info.
  • Quick resolution- your business representative will just be a call away.
  • Saves time- client reaches the company’s service in a matter of seconds.
  • Engaging customer experience- your customer leaves the website with a positive & productive experience.

Benefits for the Business

We have seen in the above points what customers stand to gain using this Click2Call functionality, now let’s understand how it is beneficial for businesses.

Better Lead Quality & Customer Segmentation

This technology gives businesses the opportunity to speak to the “quality” lead as only people who are genuinely interested in their product & service will take the effort to click on the option. Also, it helps them to categorize customers on the basis of their needs for specialized interaction.

Zero Leads Missed and Better Customer Experience

Click-to-Call provides customers with the option to reach out to your business at any time of the day or dropping in a callback in case of non-working hours. This helps to make sure that no leads are missed or gets ignored. Additionally, every customer concern is addressed, thereby delivering hassle-free customer experience.

Saves Time

This feature enables agents to reach out to the customer instantly without the need to manually dialling a number every single time.

Impactful Data Analysis

Businesses can track & analyze the data that has been extracted from the calls, thereby offering them a deeper insight into their customers. After all, information is the power in today’s time, so, what you automatically get is a customer-base which is accurate and future-proof.

Prompt Customer Service & Increased Conversion Rates

A Click2Call feature helps businesses in grabbing their customer’s attention while their interest is still hot in their product or service. When prompt services are offered, it converts the customers while they’re still interested and thus, builds a long-term customer relationship with the business.

Wrapping Up

Since the digital world is dynamic & ever-evolving, and so are its customers. But when it comes to customers choosing their preferred mode of communication with businesses, telephonic communication wins all the way!

So if you are looking for innovative, result-oriented ways to reach out to your customers, then features like Click-to-Call or Click-to-Callback are a way to go!


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