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Source - TripAdvisor - Sherlocks Place

Coffee is anywhere in the world. Travel wherever, and you will be able to get some of the tastiest coffee specials and mixes from all over the world. When you are traveling to Rotterdam in The Netherlands, never miss the chance to experience the land’s coffee milder than Italian and stronger than English! It would be a lovely time to know what’s in between!

Aside from being able to try delicious coffee in Rotterdam, it’s also a nice moment to savor it whilst in a pleasant and beautiful environment and atmosphere! Gladly, there are cafes that have outdoor areas, not only to accommodate more guests but also to let them feel the natural surroundings and enjoy a different kind of outdoor vibe! 

To let you know some of them which you should pay a visit to in Rotterdam, below are 3 of them: 


[1] Sherlock’s Place

Source – Sherlocks Place Website

Are you familiar with the British film Sherlock? It would be a good thing if you’re a fan of it, and you visit this Sherlock-inspired cafe in Grotekerkplein 103, Rotterdam. It’s Sherlock’s Place, where you can indulge in sumptuous cakes fresh from England. This cafe also has a wonderful lunch menu for your empty tummy. 

A very peaceful and quiet place, Sherlock’s Place has a very quirky interior. Well, if you do not know Sherlock, you might not fully understand it, however, you will get the point. In fact, it might also become a way for you to get interested in it! Everything in it goes in the Sherlock-style! Bring your friend who’s an avid lover of it, and pretty sure, you will make one human happier in a day!

There are plenty of selections for you to delight in! You should not leave the place without eating their rich croissants and bread, fully filled pies, tasty brownies, warm scones, gluten-free cakes and other desserts! There’s nothing like them anywhere else in the city. 

Source – Lapis Design Studio – Sherlocks Place

Moreover, you can match it with a flavorful drink, or you can just drop by Sherlock’s Place for a single drink. A vast range of tea, hot chocolate, white, cappuccino and coffee choices will excite you; you might also have a hard time picking what to sip in! 

Guests keep coming back to this cafe because of its hospitable owners and staff. You will be welcomed with polite and courteous workers. You can inquire and request kindly without hesitation because they are all ready and attentive to attend to customers’ needs. You can ask if they have WiFi, and it’s their pleasure to tell you that they have it for free access. They also allow device charging, so do not think twice and ask!

Inside are books and book-related decorations, but if you want some sunshine on your skin and natural lighting on your coffee break photographs, Sherlock’s Place also has an outdoor area. It’s not very huge, so it’s recommended that you reserve a table one day before going. If you’re lodging in a nearby accommodation in Rotterdam, it would be aidful too.

The outside area is also a great spot during summer. It’s a nice spot where you can have your pictures under the golden sun and under the set vines taken! It is surely an Instagrammable cafe! Not to mention, the outdoor seating has a really cosy and adorable set of chairs and tables with floral centerpieces. 

Addition to the already pleasurable space, there is also a gift shop in the cafe! It would not be time wasted if you visit Sherlock’s Place while you are in Rotterdam.


[2] The Polka Dot Rabbit

Source – TripAdvisor – The Polka Dot Rabbit Rotterdam

One of the most famous museums and tourist spots in Rotterdam is the Cube Houses (Kijk-Kubus). The houses literally look like cubes as they were designed to be that. Travelers are always amazed to see this place, but do not miss a chance to visit the little cafe found in it! 

The Polka Dot Rabbit was born just in 2018, and it has always provided tasty and well-made espresso to everyone who sets foot in it! You should try this one located inside the unmatched Rotterdam museum. There are friendly hosts and staff in the cafe, so you will know what’s best to choose for your own liking! 

You will absolutely have a cosy time to ease off from the tiring day or to start the bright morning while soft jazz music plays all around the cafe! You can get away from the noisy and busy city because The Polka Dot Rabbit is set within a village (made particularly for the Cube Houses).

You will be happy to know that this cafe is not simply a place where you can chill and eat, but is also a non profit organisation that supports young students with their schooling. It is a fairly small place perfect for small cups of coffee and small jam bites! 

There is an outdoor seating which is very visually appealing to everyone who passes by and most especially to those who spend time in the cafe! There are cute and homey sofa chairs outside, as well as long tables and seats perfect if you arrive with a group. 

A big chess board and a small one can be found. Pick up the shop’s magazines while waiting! You will not be bored while pretty pots of flowers surround you. Take your gorgeous photos. The sun hits specific outdoor areas of the cafe just right for your naturally lit remembrances!

The Polka Dot Rabbit is not just an ideal drop-by cafe but also a favorable starting place for city tours. Moreover, it’s a 2-in-1 opportunity because you can already go to the Cube Houses, very much well-known around the Netherlands and also all over the globe. 


[3] Vader Kleinjan Cafe

Source – Debuik – Vader Cafe

For a spectacular kind of outdoor seating in Rotterdam, you must head to Vader Kleinjan Cafe. Located in Spaansepoort 73, this is located at Oude Haven or Old Harbor, the city’s first port. It’s not just a place where you can eat but also know an important part of Rotterdam’s history and Maritime industry. 

The cafe allows you to view over the River Maas. Witness other historic spots like the White House and the iconic bridges in the city. It’s right on the water’s edge. The cafe’s vast outdoor seating enables you to see the boats and have a matchless view of Rotterdam. Additionally, Vader Kleinjan Cafe is situated just behind the Cube Houses. It can be easily accessed.

Source – TripAdvisor – Vader Cafe Rotterdam

Order some fish and chips to fill your hungry tummy. Fully filled tasty sandwiches and well-cooked meals are to be delivered hot on your table. They have fantastic choices of wines, cocktails, coffee and other drinks you would love to sip while looking at the unbelievable city lights at night and the bright scenery during the day. 

Vader Kleinjan Cafe has a television to entertain guests and keep you updated with some Rotterdam news and relevant channels. If you travel with small kids, they can offer you highchairs. There’s free WiFi as well. This cafe highly values mouthwatering food, thirst-quenching drinks and commendable service.

It would be nice if you’re staying in a nearby hotel in Rotterdam so you can simply check if you can get a table for you. If that’s not the case and you’ll have to drive for hours to get to this cafe, it’s better to contact them first. In fact, they encourage reservations. 




Amazing coffee spots with beautiful outdoor seating in Rotterdam do not disappoint, not just in visuals and views but most especially in its offer of good food and good service. When you visit this city in The Netherlands, go see these cafes and experience their astounding tastes and outdoor sights! 



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