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A couple of paper clips of different colors coated in a mixture of plastic and rubber. In 1998, three center-college teachers in Whitwell, Tenn. (pop. 1,500) got here up with a venture for the eighth grade class: Find out about intolerance by finding out the Holocaust. The students learn The Diary of Anne Frank and did internet analysis, discovering that during World Battle II, paperclips game quantum computing the Norwegians wore paper clips in their lapels as a silent gesture of solidarity and sympathy with Hitler’s victims.

After which there was the practice automotive. The Schroeders found one of many actual rail automobiles used to move Jews to the loss of life camps, and organized for it to be shipped to Whitwell. Native carpenters repaired the leaky roof and rotting flooring, and the automotive was placed outdoors the highschool as a Holocaust memorial. Inside have been eleven million paper clips, representing six million Jews and five million gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others who have been murdered by the Nazis. Also a suitcase which German children had stuffed with notes to Anne Frank.