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Have you ever tried voice search, especially when you are multitasking? I think you probably have, after all the hype that is going on regarding voice search. As a business owner, you want to know more about voice search since it could play a massive role in your local SEO. According to a report generated by PWC, 71% of the respondents would use voice search over physically typing their queries.

With the growing competition, you must optimize your website to voice search to engage your target audience better.

With that being said, if you want to rank your website high for voice queries, I will share my expertise on how to perfect voice search optimization for your local business in 2021.

Why Optimize for Voice search?

Some experts at local search engine optimization services differ in their opinions about voice search optimization. But for many, voice search is the future of how people will perform most searches. Google has always provided users with high-quality and relevant content on every search performed based on the user, history, and location. Voice search is one step further to optimize the search option ultimately.

It is a critical part of search engine optimization, especially for local businesses, so it is advised to start learning the nuances of voice search optimization.

The following are the essential factors to consider in voice search optimization.

1 Featured Snippet

You may already know what featured snippets are. They appear at the top of the search engine results pages for every search conducted on Google. Google retrieves the most relevant content from the web and puts it in a box. Featured snippets matter because 30% of 1.4 million tested Google searches/queries contain them.

What this means for voice search is that if the result includes a featured snippet, then your voice assistant will retrieve its answer from there. So, if you want to optimize your voice search, focus on providing quality data and content that Google will display in its featured snippet.

2 Long Tail Keywords and Questions

You would want to know about voice search and keywords because voice search doesn’t work the way you perform a simple search. According to Broadstone technologies, a Simple search requires you to type specific keywords, like “best Mexican restaurant near me.” However, with voice search, you use long-tail keywords along with the primary one. Long-tail keywords use more conversational phrases than we usually use while speaking. For example, “Hey Google, where can I have the best Mexican cuisine?” feels more natural since you are saying. So, the addition of long-tail keywords is necessary for the content for optimizing voice search.

3 User Intent

The intent of the user is critical in voice search optimization. Many local search engine optimization services require business owners to determine the user intent when they search for their business. Well, are users looking for information, or do they want to buy something when they search for your business. It tells the reason users to type their queries on the Google search bar. The query can easily express user intent with terms like what is, how to, price, buy, and more. User intent can be easily optimized with voice search, giving the audience answers to specific search queries. For example, I may search for ‘Nobel Prize Winners.’ The most likely scenario is that I am interested in the recent event and not results from two decades ago. Google understands this exceptionally well and takes it into account.

4 Site Performance

Most of you aren’t aware, but site performance has a say in voice search optimization. Users are always in a hurry when searching online. A user may wait 2-3 seconds for a page to load. If it exceeds this, the user will leave the site. Here, mobile speed is more crucial than desktop optimization for voice search.

To wrap up, voice search is the future of online searches and will grow dramatically in the coming years. When availing of local search engine optimization services, it is essential to optimize your website for voice search to stand out from the competition. I hope the information is enough to get you going with voice search optimization. However, if you have any uncertainties, feel easy to ask.




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