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saahilkhanOctober 30, 2020606 min

Hair colouring can add the fun factor to your look. Once in a while, one wishes to go for a complete makeover by colouring one’s hair. The number of options is available concerning colouring of hair. However, the colouring of hair is not free from harmful effects and that is why a large number of people are cautious for opting for hair colouring. One way is to use Ketomac colour safe dandruff shampoo to reduce the damages. One must fully understand the damages hair colouring might cause to their hair health. It includes:


  • Allergy: This is one of the most common damages caused by hair colouring. Allergy could be mild or severe, depending on person to person. Allergy could be caused because presence number of chemicals in hair dye which makes it reactive. One must be aware of damage allergy may cause before going for dyeing.
  • Causing hair to brittle: As hair colouring consists of a number of chemicals it makes your hair lose its shine in the long run as well as make them dry and brittle due to which chance of dandruff increases. Ketomac color safe dandruff shampoo can help to overcome this problem.
  • Skin becomes irritable: Hair colouring can cause burning of skin, redness, itchy scalp. This is because skin loses its moisture. In severe condition, it becomes important to see a dermatologist. Therefore before going for colouring of hair, it is advisable to go for the patch test to minimize the risk.
  • Loss of natural texture: Continous of hair colour leads to loss of natural texture of hair. Your natural colour starts to fade away and become frizzy and dry. This becomes home to other problems such as yeast infection, increase in dandruff. Ketomac shampoo for dandruff and colour-treated hair could be a great help in this situation.
  • Upkeeping: Lots of efforts go in maintaining your coloured hair so that they last for longer duration. Besides time, huge costs are involved in maintaining your coloured hair as you have to visit salon very often. it is hard not only on your pocket but also on hair.
  • Ammonia: Most hair colours have ammonia in them. Everyone is well aware of how ammonia is bad for overall health of your hair. It causes a great deal of hair fall, makes them dry and brittle. In short, it is the root cause of all other problems. Ketomac anti dandruff hair coloured protection shampoo can provide protection against it.
  • Asthma: Most hair colour contains chemicals that can alleviate the condition of asthma. Continuous use of these chemicals leads to coughing, making it difficult to breathe and can in severe case cause asthma attack.


It is clear that hair colouring comes with the number of damages that can take away all the fun. But by taking the proper precautions and choosing the best products for hair care can definitely reduce the risk of damages on your hair health. One such product is Ketomac which is the best shampoo for dandruff and color treated hairwhich keeps your hair healthy and fresh by enriching it with sufficient nutrients. So choose this product today to protect your hair.


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