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Declared car wreck what repayment to expect from insurance

You are the victim of an accident where your car was stolen … and the result of all this is a badly damaged vehicle? Worse, the expert mandated by car insurance has just declared wreckage. What reimbursement to expect and can we dispute the procedure?

If your car is not serviceable

Following an accident in the road or a theft causing property damage, an insured car is compulsorily examined by an expert. Mandated by the insurance company, this professional is supposed to determine the nature and extent of the damage, propose a repair procedure, then encrypt the overall cost of repairs.

Sometimes the automobile is so damaged that it cannot be repaired.

The common language speaks of car “wreck,” but in insurance, we speak more technically irreparable vehicle. To fit in this case, the car declared wreck must be:

Impossible to identify

Fire with the fully burned engine compartment

One or more security features are irreparable or irreplaceable

One or more structural elements are irreparable or irreplaceable

Immersed with water above the dashboard

Repair involves replacement of the motor assembly

In this case, there is no debate, your vehicle has no future, and it enters the procedure for severely damaged vehicles (VGE). As a result, his registration will be “block” in the prefecture.

You are no longer allowed to ride in your car, let alone give it to an individual.

What amount of compensation?

After the appraisal, the insurance has 15 days to propose a compensation based on the replacement value to say expert (GRADE). This amount takes into account the Argus rating, but it is not that of the Argus: it is the sum necessary to buy an identical vehicle before the disaster.

You have 30 days to take or reject this offer, but not to answer implies a refusal.

You also have the choice to call another expert to reassess the VRADE (free counter-expertise and third expertise to decide at your expense). If the disagreement turns into litigation, it may take time to eventually win the case.

In which cases can a refund be obtained?

Third-party insurance, in the event of an unacceptable claim: reimbursement of your vehicle

Third party insurance, in the event of a responsible loss: no compensation for material damage

Comprehensive insurance, in case of accident responsible or not: refund of your vehicle

To hope for a better refund, higher than the VRADE, some insurers offer for new vehicles the guarantee value nine. This is an option that guarantees the insured for a given time (generally two to three years) the reimbursement to nine of his car declared wreck.

Other companies offer, as an option, VRADE + 10%, + 20% or more guarantees.

If your car is serviceable

There is a second situation in which one calls a car a wreck; it will be declared economically irreparable. Again it is up to the expert to decide on his fate, but a future is possible for this car.

To be declared as economically irreparable, the car must potentially be repairable by a professional, but the number of repairs must exceed the replacement value to say expert, or at least reach 80% of the latter.

Here again, the expert proposes a VRADE that the insurer must send you within 15 days, and you have 30 days to approve or refuse. If you agree, you will need to give the car keys to your insurer and a certificate of assignment (sale) with a certificate of non-pledge. Against compensation, it is the insurer who takes possession of the car and can then sell it to a professional for destruction or repair.

As in the previous case, you are entitled to challenge the proposed compensation by appealing a second opinion. You can submit quotes from professionals who prove that your car is economically repairable. If an agreement is found, your insurer will take care of the repairs.

If no agreement is found, you can accept the insurance compensation and keep the vehicle.

Then you are free to have it repaired knowing that after dismantling, the amount of the repairs may be higher than the compensation received.

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