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It is imperative to hire the right person for a job.If you are playing the role of the human resource manager for an organisation, you cannot hire one who doesn’t have the right skills for the position you are offering or who isn’t a good fit with the corporate culture, and will end up being replaced.

To make better hiring decisions and avoid high job turnover rates, organizations therefore use ability testing. Companies use these tests for promoting internal candidates as well. The objective of this test is to get the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs.

So, how can organisations be more scientific about evaluating people? One of the most valuable tools in selecting candidates is employment aptitude testing. Aptitude testing offers a way to go beyond the subjective – and find a more objective way to assess someone’s personal attributes. Pre- employment test like aptitude tests are designed to restructure and improve your company’s hiring process.

Reasons for Aptitude Testing Before Hiring

  • Pre-employment aptitude tests provide an objective measurement of a job candidate’s behaviours and skills.
  • Test results will support hiring decisions- if candidates should be hired ordisqualified.
  • Psychometric pre-employment testing can assess competencies and behavioural tendencies to ensure job and organizational fit.
  • Employment tests help hiring managers develop a more complete picture of a candidate and how he or she will use their unique personality, cognitive skills, and core values.
  • Pre employment testing can predict success for particular positions.
  • Pre- employment aptitude testing can assess the candidate’s attitude toward absenteeism, safety and job hopping.
  • Aptitude tests provide hiring managers with interview questions on behaviours and attitudes affecting job performance.
  • Another main reason organisations use aptitude testing for is to improve the quality of hiring and promoting. Tests are often much more resourceful than interviews for deciding if an aspiring candidate has the potential to do the job well. And when designed properly, aptitude tests can compare and contrast the potential of different candidates fairly.
  • Aptitude test is valid and reliable. So if candidates are dubious about the test method, they can rest assured as there are no scopes of unfair process inclusion in it. Also, organisations can be benefitted in this way: if the recruitment practices are legally challenged at some point, aptitude testis very likely to help prove that you conduct an interview session to provide equal opportunity to the employees.

Problemsfor Aptitude Testing Before Hiring

  • While not for the organisations, potential employees feel that they may face a cultural bias due to aptitude tests before conducted before hiring. Though there were no written fact that biases take place against a certain ethnicity, background or set of people, but some reports say that employees has went through such fateful experiences. It may be because people develop their abilities and achievements through experience. And experiences include background, education, opportunities, and home, educational and working environment. All of this may affect testing results.

As an example, most of the time aptitude tests involve reading. If a candidate lacks the capacity to figure out the given article, he/ she are definitely not in the positive side of the test. One may ask how it affects others. Well, this way, one candidate has blacklisted his alma mater and anyone further from the same is very likely to get counted as a disadvantage by the organisation.

  • Another problem of aptitude test is different capacities of different candidates. Aptitude test is an amalgamation of different type of test where usually candidates solve questions on vocabulary, language, reasoning, and simple mathematics. The problem is candidates come in the organisation for a job and with some experiences. For example, if someone has seen all through his childhood days her mother sewing on clothes, and helper her, he automatically shows more aptitude for handling small objects than others from the same batch. On the other hand, someone excels the ability to do crossword puzzles in their spare time;they are very likely to perform higher on verbal aptitude tests than someone who isn’t used to working with words.

And this is what makes the difference, as per the candidates.

Previous experience impacts performance on any given task –There’s not a perfect connection between aptitude and performance – As we mentioned earlier, having an aptitude for a certain skill doesn’t guarantee that a person will perform that skill well. Many other factors affect performance, including interest, motivation, and training.

Why Aptitude Test Is Important

Many people confuse aptitude with interest. However, these are two different things. Organisations do not entertain what interest the candidates; instead they are more concerned about the aptitude or the potential of an individual and how well they can perform in a particular area and still achieve success.

Coming to the point why aptitude test is important is that the set of questions revolve around skills, values, innate abilities, and likes and dislikes. Plus, by performing this test, organisations is very likely to have the strongest and weakest areas in each areas of understanding and innate psychometric ability that the candidate may possess.

Drawing the conclusion

As we have talked about aptitude tests, there are many to choose from by the organisations. Differential Aptitude Test (DAT)and OASIS- 3 aptitude tests are only to name a few of the most widely used tests by organisations. While DAT incorporates math, spelling, language, usage of language, verbal, mechanical and abstract reasoning, and perceptual speed and accuracy; OASIS-3 cater to general ability, spatial aptitude, perceptual aptitude, manual dexterity and so on. There also comes the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test that deals with mechanical information, spatial visualisation, and mechanical reasoning and understanding to test the abilities of the candidates.

Now considering both the advantages and disadvantages, we can say that aptitude test is not all to select a candidate, but one can surely rely on the test results for selecting one.


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