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Security is a major concern for everyone, and there are some really good security and surveillance systems available. However, these require a different network and a whole setup of devices and cameras. Furthermore, it is quite heavy on the internet and can be significantly expensive too. It’s not just something you can run on your Spectrum mobile connection.

However, if you have an old, functional smartphone lying around, you can turn it into a security camera. You can connect it with an app to the smartphone you’re currently using, and watch the Livestream. In addition, you can even connect multiple phones to create a proper surveillance system for your home. If you’re interested, here’s a simple guide to help you transform an old smartphone into a security camera.

Install A Security Camera App

The first thing you need to do is install a security camera app on both your old smartphone and your current smartphone. For example, the AtHome Video Streaming and AtHome Monitor apps give you the right suite of tools to connect your phones. There are also a number of other options such as Alfred.

On your old smartphone, install the video streamer version. This will set up a live stream from your smartphone. Then, on your current one, use the monitor version. Link the two to each other, and they will be connected. These apps also let you connect multiple phones, so you can set up a whole network.

Choose The Right Spots

The next step is to choose the right spots for your makeshift security cameras. Try to make sure you set it up in a spot that gives you a wide view of the area you want to keep an eye on. If you want to have a wider view, you should invest in a wide-perspective lens. You can find these online, and easily attach them to your old smartphone.

Choose your spot quite carefully, as these cameras will not rotate, as many standard security cameras can.

Make Sure It Has A Power Source

The major issue with using an old smartphone as a security camera is that its battery may not be sustainable. Video streaming is quite heavy on smartphones, and older models may not have a lot of battery life.

You should ensure that your makeshift camera is near a power source. It is a good idea to get longer micro-USB or USB-C cables, depending on what your old smartphone supports. Keep an eye on their battery life, and make sure you charge them regularly. Just make sure you don’t overcharge your phones or they’ll heat up, especially older models.

Decide Who Has Access To The Feed

If you want to share feed access with someone you trust, most security camera apps have sharing options. You can choose who can view the feed and whether they have admin access to the app. Make sure you only share the feed with people you trust, such as your spouse or close family members.

In addition, it would be ethical to tell the people who live with you that you’ve installed the security camera. Otherwise, it might be misconstrued as a breach of privacy. This is also why you should never install them in places like bathrooms, as that can be tantamount to a crime.

Determine What Sort Of Surveillance You Want

You don’t have to go all the way and have constant video surveillance with your smartphone. Instead, you can opt for motion detection or audio feeds as well. Your app will give you multiple options, and you can pick one according to your requirements. This will also help conserve battery life on your makeshift security cameras.

Another aspect is whether you want to keep records of your video feed. If you do, make sure your phone has the appropriate memory capacity for the purpose. Then, you can access these records whenever you want and keep your home safe. After all, you can’t constantly keep an eye on your live feed.

In conclusion, you can get an optimal security and surveillance system in a very affordable way if you have your old smartphones lying around. Just transform them into security cameras with a simple app, and then you can feel safe and secure!

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