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The hotel is the only place to stay if you leave home for vacation or work. Whether it is cheaper or more expensive, all the hotels have certain rules. Many of them make mistakes when they go to stay in a hotel, the cost of which is huge. Smarter Travel has a report on some of the most common mistakes. We should all make sure that these mistakes never happen in the case of a hotel stay. You can also check out the most expensive hotels in India to stay.

1. Do Not Use The Remote Control

Whether the hotel is cheap or luxurious, germs are more likely to be present. This information has known in a recent study. In addition, a large part of these germs remains in the remote control of the television. No matter how much the house tidied up, the remote not cleaned that way. Therefore, the germs remain in the existing tabiyyat. So be careful!

2. Do Not Keep Valuables In The Room

Many people keep valuables in a secret place in the hotel room. This is extremely wrong. Those who are good at stealing from hotel rooms, but they know the whereabouts of those ‘secret’ places better than you do! So spend a little money and leave your valuables in the locker of authority. Stay safe.

3. ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

As long as the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is hanging outside, anyone can come and take your personal time. If you are thinking of cleaning the house again, remove it because, if that sign hung, the cleaners of the hotel will not even go near your room.

4. Don’t Say Room Number

Do not pronounce your hotel room number manually wherever you are or at check-in. The perpetrators turn to this information. Keep this a secret as much as you can, do not let anyone you know your room number.

5. Do Not Open The Door In A Hurry

There was a knock on the door and without understanding anything he said, ‘Come in.’ Never make this huge mistake. Hotels are never a safe place at the end of the day. So open the door after knowing the identity. Remember, strangers are not supposed to meet you in unfamiliar places. So be careful. In addition, do not forget to keep the door closed at all times.

6. Not A Hotel Minibar Drink

Do not go for soft or hard drinks from the hotel minibar because usually the price of five rupees food in hotel minibars is kept at least 50 rupees! At the end of the day, you will find that the minibar bill is two to three times more than your room rent! Rather intake healthy juice powder instead of it.

7. Beware Of Beetles

No matter how luxurious the room or the well-appointed bed, the beetle knows exactly how to make its place. Therefore, does a good search in this regard, if you see a slight infestation of beetles, inform the authorities to fix everything? Because, not only will this beetle bite you, it will ride with you and reach your home in a hurry.

8. Do Not Drink Tap Water

A British couple travels to Los Angeles to drink water from a tap or faucet. What a strange taste in that water, the taste of water that they have never eaten. Later investigation revealed that a body in the reservoir of the hotel! It is no longer possible to say what is in one’s destiny. So do not forget to drink tap water in the hotel room to save some money. Rely on a bottle of mineral water bought from the store.


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