Health and FitnessDo you feel there is a cause to worry with excess of amniotic fluid?

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With pregnancy fast approaching, I knew something was amiss. A shorter woman would not have sufficient space in their torso which would force babies to be straight out. This does make them feel a lot better. Most women do experience an increase in their pregnancy weight, but sometimes things tend to be a considerably different.

Fetal abnormalities  does streamline to be the main cause of this disorder. A focal point is that there are on a diminishing level and if you have moderate levels then no major cause to worry. Just be aware that even with an ultrasound diagnosis 100 % results will not be possible. In certain cases of this disorder the doctor will keep on checking fluid levels.

The definition of polyhydramnios?

Polyhydramnios is termed as a medical scenario where a woman has a lot of amniotic acid in her womb. In doing an ultrasound there are a couple of ways by which you can measure amniotic fluid. First would be AFI where pockets of amniotic fluid are measured in specific areas whereby normal AFI tends to range. Secondly you can measure a profound pockets fluid incorporated at a uterus. Generally over a range of 8 connotes occurrence of polyhydramnios.

With regards to a range it would depend on the stage of pregnancy and once your fluid levels in your third trimester will decrease. The main causes of polyhydramnios in third trimester tends to occur as it is found only in 2 % of pregnancies.

Diagnosing and treatment?

Once a doctor suspects this disorder they would pave way for an additional round of testing. This ensures that there would be no major cause of worry with your little baby. Mild levels of this disorder may not any major treatment and a mere monitoring would suffice.

In the rarest of cases severe treatment may be called for. This would mean medication and draining off the excess fluid. Frequent testing along with monitoring may be called for. Doctors are going to discuss possibility of a C section delivery if a baby is too big or even possibility of breech birth cannot be ruled out. To cut short of gestational diabetes you might be asked to opt for blood sugar testing.

After diagnosis

After diagnosis you might be asked to be part of non – stress tests which means working really hard to flip a baby upside down. Then your doctor might agree on a controlled induction, which means that they cannot flip again if the water level breaks down. The baby would be born perfectly fine even after your water levels break down. Doctors suggest pregnant hot tub third trimester to be avoided at any costs.

The major aspect to consider is that it proves to be a scary experience for most mothers as a lot of unknown conditions emerge from them. If an early diagnosis reveals positive results it is better to discuss with your doctor about possibility of assisted delivery.


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