Domestic Tour Package

Domestic Tour Package

The residents travelling within their own country is defined as the Domestic Tour Package. The tours are within own country to national parks, religious sites, adventure getaways, historical sites, sports park, train and other bus tours, cruise lines etc. depending on individuals requirement.

Domestic Tour Package at times are custom-made keeping in mind individual’s particular requirement. The traveller is free and independent to select any kind of activity or component required for the journey. It could be the specific hotel or type of journey could be airline or train or by car. The travel agents or tour operators tailor make the components and vendor required by the passenger and make arrangements specifically as per individual’s preferences.  At times these kinds of packages are called as domestic independent tour packages and are not advertised in travel brochures.

The tour packages can be or are inclusive of travel and ground arrangements if the individual requires the same. With these kinds of independent tour packages, the suppliers or vendors quote the rack rate for individual reservation and are quite expensive. The already advertised packages with inclusive prices tend to be economical and mostly are meant for small or large size groups. This makes the tour less expensive and in this case, the tour operator has to guarantee seats, rooms, tickets etc. are pre-booked to get the maximum discount from the vendor for a reasonable group rate.

Therefore the group domestic packages are prepaid and are well planned covering all requirements like room bookings, car rentals, charter planes etc. The travel agent has to make sure that all group members travel together during the entire course of the package dates. For these group packages, if required a group escort is provided by the travel agent who from the starting point back to the point of return accompany the group. If it is a historical group package or adventure package then the guide or professional trainer is provided at the destination depending on the requirements of the group travellers. This is on a charged basis and is included on group domestic packages.

The hosted domestic tour package are also very popular amongst corporates for a large summit or conference etc. The principal duties of the tour operator or travel agent are then to make sure that the group escort receives group travellers at the airport, assist them through their living arrangements and other car needs etc. The travel agent then provides step by step guide booklet to the corporate travellers and make their stay super comfortable. They make sure they do not miss out on any business speech or meetings as well, therefore pre-arrange their drop and pick-up points as well. Some of the corporate companies cannot manage the offsite company trips, therefore, get in touch with the domestic tour operators to look into it.

Conference packages or Special Business Packages are pre-determined by the organisation. These kinds of packages demand much more range of services like accommodation, transportation, conference equipment and venue setup. Local sight-seeing and other meal facilities are also included for the business corporates.

More recently, the incentive tours for the employees have appeared in the travel market. This segment is growing and the business organisation offers its employees and their spouses, an incentive travel package, to show appreciation to the achievements of the employees. The incentive travel package is a reward for some special endeavour which is a great motivating factor for the working employees.

Special interest tour packages like for research work or eco-tourism, farming tourism, pilgrimage, ethnic studies, safaris or desert tours are another form of domestic tour packages which are gaining demand. These packages have a special focus and generate a lot of interest from both educational and corporate institutions.

Travel agents also organize domestic leisure travel packages as well which includes holidays, destination weddings or some recreation sports activities. These packages could be individual or in a group and can be tailor-made as per specific requirement. With the resurgence of domestic tour packages, inbound travel or an overlap of staycation (staying in the same region) became very popular among domestic travellers. The individual or family or group of large families stay together in a guest house and participates in leisure activities within driving distances of their homes. The activities could be a visit to local parks, museums, local festivals or attending some kind of local events etc. This can be a day trip or perhaps a weekend activity to enjoy and focus on your family’s interest. Families make sure that a lot of recreational activities are streamlined for children so that they could develop both physical and interpersonal skills with their siblings. It could be typically via cars or special bus tours are arranged to enjoy the day and come back in the evenings.

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