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The previous year’s SSC CGL English section consisted of vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and verbal ability. Therefore, there are different methods for preparing for each of these sections.

How to Prepare English for SSC CGL?

The sectional preparation for SSC CGL English is possible by understanding the type of questions asked under each of them. Besides this, a few easy tips and tricks can improve overall English language skills.

  • Vocabulary

The vocabulary section of the 2020 SSC CGL English consisted of seven sub-divisions. These include synonyms & antonyms, fill-ups, cloze test, spelling, idioms & phrases, one-word substitution, and phrase replacement.

Vocabulary is often a part of both Tiers of the SSC CGL English exam. To improve vocabulary skills, examinees must become familiar with similar words, practice previous year’s papers, read academic English content every day, etc.

Other practices include taking online English tests, using newly learned words in communication and writing, differentiating between synonyms, etc.

  • Grammar

The grammar section of the previous year’s exam consisted of five sub-divisions. These include phrase replacement, sentence correction or error spotting, direct-indirect, active-passive voice, and fill-ups.

The easiest method to improve English grammar is to understand the rules. However, enhancing grammar skills would require taking online tests, rephrasing sentences, rewriting academic articles, blogging, etc.

Additionally, hiring an experienced personal trainer for English can prove very useful. He or she can provide the right material required for the SSC CGL English exam. The person can even find the examinee’s most common error and give tips to improve English language skills.

  • Reading Comprehension

The most straightforward section of the SSC CGL English exam is reading comprehension. Examinees should skim the passage to find the right answers and leave the unanswerable questions for the proofreading period.

However, a few candidates would excel better in this section than others because of their alertness and reading habits. Candidates that routinely communicate in English would also easily find answers.

A few other methods to improve reading comprehension skills include taking online English language quizzes, reading common answers to previous years’ papers, etc.

  • Verbal Ability

The verbal ability section comprises sentence jumbles and para jumbles. Sentence jumble requires rearrangement of sentences. Similarly, para jumbles require rearrangement of a group of paragraphs.

Verbal ability can improve by reading different types of educational content every day. It would provide a basic idea of sentence formation, grammar, punctuation, spelling, comprehension, etc. 

Similarly, the practice of verbal reasoning while rearranging sentences and paragraphs can prove useful. The sections of an English exam consists of a pattern. Identifying closing and opening statements, sentence construction, and extensive practice can improve verbal ability.

Candidates preparing to attempt the SSC CGL English exam must adhere to a few pointers. These include building a reading habit, identifying sectional weaknesses, practice more for high marks sections, etc. 

Besides this, examinees must incorporate the rule of elimination and avoid guesswork during the exam. Both practices can help a candidate to obtain higher marks, even on the first attempt.


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