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saahilkhanSeptember 29, 2020566 min

The liver is said to be the largest organ of a human body. So, it does a lot of functions that are crucial to the body. They do metabolism which is breaking down the proteins and fats for some storage. Now why storage is needed? It is needed because it can eventually convert it into the energy which can help one to sustain throughout the day. The other major role that a liver plays is a process of detoxification.

These days; most people are exposed to high pollution and bad life style. They eat oily food, sleep less and consume synthetic drugs which can make the liver weak. To enhance that, one can always consume a good Ayurvedic liver tonic. Also, in order to ensure that the toxins are removed from the blood in a daily basis one has to keep their liver very healthy.

Here are some effective steps that one can follow to keep the liver healthy:

  • One has to flush it out, their toxins on a daily basis from their blood. For that, they need to drink enough amount of water regularly. If one becomes dehydrated, then their blood becomes thicker. This thickness can impact the liver’s ability to detoxify the blood. Hence keeping the system hydrated is much needed.
  • One can start the day by drinking some warm lemon water. This can protect the digestive tract from the toxins that have been accumulated in the body overnight. Lemon water also has a lot of anti oxidants and it is also considered to be a liver stimulant. It can encourage the liver to detoxify and also support bile output.
  • The liver is directly involved with the digestive process and its primary work is to eliminate the toxins that one ingests. Hence one must take care of their diet. According to Ayurveda, one must have a diet which can pacify their pitta. This should happen mostly during the hotter months of the year.
  • Human body has a great biological clock and so most of the bodily functions happen when the body is sleeping. Also, the liver detoxification happens during the sleep hours. So, one must sleep during the right time so that the liver functions can happen normally.
  • Regular exercise can also help the body to burn the triglycerides for fuel. It can also help to reduce the liver fat. So, if one does yoga or meditation on a regular basis then the health is being promoted through the mind. So, doing yoga each day can be really transformative.
  • Self massage with oil according to Ayurveda can be deeply detoxifying. It settles the nervous system and nourishes the skin. It also promotes the healthy circulation and helps to lubricate and rejuvenate the tissues. This can also help in detoxification and keep the liver healthy.

One can go for an Ayurvedic syrup for fatty liver because it can prevent the liver from any further damage and also boost it to perform its regular functions.


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