Digital MarketingEcommerce Trends in 2020: Is Your Company Ready?

RaphiyaJune 6, 20205012 min

The world we live in changes year after year, and this is something you find specifically in the business world. Not long ago, e-commerce was just an unnecessary innovation, but today it has evolved to become one of the main pillars in the retail sector and influences corporate decisions around the world. Benefiting from e-commerce is not limited to major and global companies only, it has paved the way for hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business and achieve success.

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Although change opens up a new world of opportunity, the rapidly evolving field like e-commerce is difficult to succeed in if it is not able to keep pace with all modern trends.

This week we highlight the most important trends in the e-commerce sector in 2020. If you want to achieve success in 2020 and beyond, this article is for you!

1. Smartphone purchases will continue to grow

Anyone with experience in the online business world will tell you that it is necessary for your website to be compatible with smartphones, and this also applies to the year 2020. The thing that will change is consumer behavior around mobile shopping, specifically when it comes to the payment process. For a long time, people believed that despite the increasing number of visitors to e-commerce sites via smartphones, this was limited to research in general without making the purchase in particular.

But as smartphone payments become more secure and more secure, shoppers feel comfortable buying from their phones and mobile devices. Also, this process has become easier as more devices support the presence of digital wallets in addition to many other methods that save payment data.

According to a report from Statista, the share of smartphone purchases in total e-commerce purchases is expected to be over 70% in 2020 and will increase to 72.9% in 2021. If you are looking for a long-term investment in your e-commerce company, keeping up with The needs of smartphones is very necessary.

2. Master Pages give way to product pages

Traditionally, the home page of the site has been considered a “storefront” for an eCommerce Development company. Accordingly, the operators of these sites were keen to spend a lot of time and money on ensuring that the attraction is provided to new visitors. Today, entrepreneurs shift their focus and set their priorities through other pages, and the reason for this is due to trying to think like a potential customer.

When a customer over the Internet wants to find something online (whether a product or information), you will eventually find it on an internal page with product specifications, articles, or videos related to his research. On the other hand, the people who end up on the main page of the site are those who search directly for the brand name or even by writing the site link directly. In other words, the home page is usually seen by people who know primarily about your brand, and internal pages are what most new visitors visit.

In 2020, it will be necessary to work more on these pages and redesign them to convert visitors into customers. You will need to ensure that these pages provide the content that people search for, which is easy to search, that answers all inevitable questions and provides alternative options to ensure the user continues to search across the site.

3. Explanation of products by video

When buying something online, customers want to know more information about the product before purchasing it. However, e-commerce sites do not specifically allow users to check the product before they make a purchase. This is why product specifications are so important, but the problem remains that the explanation of words is still limited and does not suffice.

Today’s customers (specifically the younger generation) prefer to see product specifications rather than read about them. According to recent statistics from YouGov, about 50% of consumers want to watch a video before purchasing electronic products, household items, and productive software and tools. Also, 27% of those surveyed said that this includes personal care products, and 35% answered that they wanted to watch a video before buying clothes and cosmetics.

Thus, if you want to excel in your business in 2020 and make sure that your visitors and customers increase your site, you need to invest in creating video content that explains the products that you offer.

4. Search by voice

Smartphones today have become an essential part of our lives and they are very important and will continue to play a major role in improving search engines and offers. When Apple introduced Siri, it seemed to be just an entertainment thing, but the accuracy of voice interaction programs in 2020 will play a big role as the accuracy of Alexa from Amazon in addition to Google Assistant reached more than 95%.

Looking at 2016, only 20% of mobile searches were done by voice, but in 2020 this number is expected to increase to 50%. This is not just about smartphones, modern technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Echo compel users to search only by voice. With this dramatic development of voice search, it is expected to spread further in the coming years, and even computer users will search by voice instead of writing.

Consequently, those in charge of e-commerce businesses need to adjust their sites to fit long keywords (commensurate with search by voice) and display new types of content to suit the types of questions that will come from users.


Not surprisingly, many trends ahead in the world of e-commerce are influenced by modern technologies rather than just consumer behaviours. The importance of smartphones will make it continue to play a big role in attracting visitors and converting them into customers as the e-commerce sector becomes more comfortable to use, more attractive and more available to all.

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