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Online doctor consultation or a face to face consultation is mainly dependent on an individual’s preference. One can choose the time-savvy consultation as compared to an in-person visit. However, in the recent era, Online doctor consultation is gaining popularity day by day. The main reason for its growth is

  • It’s safe when covid 19 is spreading at a monstrous rate
  • Time-saving as you don’t have to travel and wait for your turn to get the best consultation
  • Individuals can verify the doctor’s qualification, experience, and feedbacks
  • Saves money

The above factors are a few tangible options that everyone notices, but when you are sick, do you even try to get up from the bed, take a ride to visit the doctor passing through heavy traffic, and finally waiting in the waiting area for your turn. This visit can result in making you more tired at the time when you need rest. Moreover, this option is viable when you live in a city with adequate medical facilities nearby. But if you are living in a remote area, Online Video doctor Consultation is a much better option.

Another point that persists with offline consultation is finding a suitable doctor within a specific range of consultation fees. No one is willing to pay a hefty consultation fee unless it is much needed. So, for such a situation, online doctor consultation is the best where you can find the doctor suitable for a specific disease with relevant experience. Various reviews and ratings will help you to be more sure about the doctor.

Another notable factor for online doctor consultation is getting a second opinion. Since an individual does not know a doctor personally often raises concern about the authenticity of the provided treatment. In such a case, getting an online consultation as a second opinion is a worthy option that gives surety for the treatment offered.

Effectiveness of online doctor consultation during a covid situation – 

COVID-19 has spread rapidly, and e-healthcare has emerged as an innovative preventive solution. Telehealth innovations have brought citizens, doctors, and healthcare systems together, allowing asymptomatic Coronavirus patients to remain at home and consult specialists through video or audio, reducing the virus’s spread among patients and frontline emergency workers. A patient can book a covid homecare package at home on credihealth that helps to monitor the patient in home isolation ensure quality treatment.

The demand for doctors to consult on infectious diseases and other chronic seasonal diseases has increased dramatically due to the Coronavirus. The fear of catching the pandemic increases by a factor of a million when it comes to pollution from contaminated surfaces. It is now possible to contact physicians without having to go to the clinic.

How credihealth can help – 

Being a quick and convenient way for individuals, they browse many online platforms providing online doctor consultation. Out on many online platforms, Credihealth is one of the best platforms associated with India’s best doctors and hospitals. Booking an appointment at your convenient time is quick and hassle-free on the portal. Below are the simple steps to book online tele or video consultation

  • Select Tele/Video consultation on the right top on the website( )
  • Provide personal details like the patient’s name, date of birth, sex, phone number, and email.
  • Complete the form by choosing the hospital followed by the doctor with whom you want to book the appointment
  • Click submit to submit your request.

Credihealth medical team will give you a call back to verify your details and appointment confirmation.


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