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Hand tools are an essential tool for any profession, household works, DIYers, cycles, etc. the most essential tools are spanners, wrenches, hex key, etc. hand tools are independent, readily available, passed on assert, affordable, easily accessible. most widely used spanners, high-quality Allen keys and wrenches have different varieties, it applies perfect torque to turn objects for both loosing and for fastening and are used for tightening or loosening of bolts and nuts one of essential thing of any project. Success depends upon the type of tool you are having and its correct size. Here are a few tools you need to have before maintaining and developing any tool kit:

  1. Open end spanner: this is a single tool worked as for two because it has the two-sided open end in U –shaped. Both terms are of different sizes for opposite openings of bolts and nuts. Its U-shaped opening provides grip for a spanner to flip the object by shifting it to the opposite side. For any quick use, you could use this tool as it is flat and easily fit over nuts and bolts in small places as well so perfect for car engineers, mechanics, etc. open-ended tool could be used for narrow project areas where an adjustable wrench would not fit. So this should be the first most tool of the kit.
  2. Combination key spanner: after the single-open-ended spanner we also had combination spanner which could be used for two different projects. It’s a double-ended tool one end is made up of an open-end and other as a box-end on the other hand. Box ended side is made up of closed ring having a different diameter on the inside which is dependent on the size of the tool. This combination key is the multi-purpose tool where open-end used for tightening and loosening in small places while box-end for firm grip and leverage around nuts and bolts.
  3. Allen key: Allen keys are very popular. If you ever assemble furniture at home, you must be familiar with this tool very well. This is L-shaped rod having a hexagonal shaped handle and if seen from end looks like a hexagon and has exactly matching openings to blots or screws. They are available in different sizes.
  4. Adjustable wrench: if you are one working on various projects, do not know what exact size of nuts and bolts you are going through then this is the one you need, this adjustable wrench could adjust according to the size allowing to use it on bolts and nuts. If too much force has been used over it, it could slip and slide along blots. This has an open end attached with screws that allow adjusting the size of the opening where bolts are allowed to fit. An adjustable wrench is more prominent in size; therefore, it could not be used in small places.

These are just few tools there are many more but one thing you need to take care before buying nay new tool is to check the alloys and material used to make these tool, it should have top coated with any rust free material.


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