Estimating the Costs for Developing Wearable Apps

As the technologies continue to evolve, devices are getting smaller and more powerful. We have seen several transformations in the field of computer technology, starting from personal computers to laptops and smartphones. The advent of wearable devices is an apt example of how tremendously the technologies around us are evolving. As of today, we have access to an increasing number of smartwatches, fitness bands, and hands-free GPS systems. All these devices are equipped with advanced sensors, chips, and microprocessors backed by a powerful operating system. Similar to smartphones, wearable devices support different types of applications that enable users to sync data from their devices.


Over recent years, there has been a substantial rise in the demand for wearable app development. At Oodles, we receive frequent requests for the development of wearable apps that can support devices like Apple Watch, Android Smartwatch, and Witness Bands. A majority of clients or prospects are more concerned about the development costs and seek faster deployment of their proposed functionalities.


We hope this blog post answers most of your queries and guides you with the right wearable app development strategy.


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The project cost for developing a wearable app depends on many factors. In this blog post, we have curated a list of parameters that majorly impact the development costs of a wearable application.


Type of Project

Development costs vary in accordance with the supported software platform or hardware devices. A common misconception is that it is easier to build applications for Android Wear devices and they cost less. On the contrary, Apple Watch app development is faster and more cost-effective.


The simple reason is that the development cost varies for different screen sizes. Since Android powers a large number of wearable devices, developers need to scale the application to support different screen sizes. It increases development costs and time. In the case of Apple Watch, the devices are limited which significantly reduces the development costs and yields faster development.


Development Time

As already discussed, development time is a critical factor that directly impacts the development costs of a wearable app. It is self-explanatory that the longer an app takes to develop, the more expensive the project will be. Moreover, most developers or development companies charge for their services on an hourly basis. Therefore, developing an Android Wear app will be relatively expensive. However, you can significantly reduce the development costs by limiting the functionalities of your application.


Number of Resources Required

If you want to accelerate your wearable app development project, the most preferred way is to increase your available resources. It seems more legit than limiting the app functionalities but is equally expensive. The better approach under these circumstances is to avail the services of a wearable app development company instead of hiring individual developers.


Development Partner

Choosing the right development partner is essential to develop a user-friendly wearable app that will engage the target audience. It is also a significant capital-factor that directly impacts the overall cost of the development project.


If you want to implement simple functionalities that require fewer man-hours, the ideal approach is to hire freelancers or individual developers. However, large-scale development projects require more resources and it is recommended to partner with a wearable app development company.


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Cost Variations In Development Phases 

Development costs for wearable apps also vary in different phases of development. Let’s explore how the following phase of development impact project costs.


App Design 

App design is a pre-development phase that starts with creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes which usually takes up to two weeks. Once the app layout is finalized, the design team works on creating user interfaces for different app screens. The time consumed in-app design depends on the number of screens in an application. However, the design cost is relatively less than the development cost because it doesn’t comprise of the actual app functionalities.


Infrastructure Planning and Development

Once the app design is finalized, the development team formulates the project roadmap and initiates the development process. Development costs may be uniform throughout the entire period but may vary in accordance with the required functionalities. Most companies have a fixed hourly cost for their services while they may consider changing it based on the project requirements.


Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance is equally important and is essential to ensure the smooth performance of a wearable application. During this phase of development, you avail services of QA engineers who holistically test your app on several quality parameters. These tests are essential to identify and resolve bugs, software glitches, and potential points of failure in a wearable app.


Support and Maintenance

Newly developed wearable apps are prone to unplanned downtime, glitches, or software failure. Support and maintenance services provide technical assistance to maintain high app performance and prevent downtime or failure during peak load instances. The support services may go on for several weeks and they usually incur uniform charges.


Why Choose Oodles Technologies For Wearable App Development?

We are a wearable app development company that builds interactive and user-friendly apps for smartwatches and other types of wearable devices. Our development team is skilled at creating dynamic user interfaces for varying device screens to deliver engaging user experiences. Our smartwatch app development services enhance user experiences by enabling users to effortlessly perform routine tasks with increased interactivity.

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