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Everyone wants a normal life and vision is something without which you cannot expect to lead a normal life.

Vision is very important for each one of us. When we have things we generally do not value such things in life because probably those things are taken to be granted for each one of us. Sometimes the sense organs we have fall in the similar case. Each one of us has eyes for vision and probably why we do not realize how it would be had it all been dark for us. And reason why especially in this progressive world a regular visit to your eye specialist in Delhi is very important for each one of us. Low vision and blindness have dire effects on individuals, families, and communities. These effects range from a decrease in quality of life and increased mortality to large-scale economic consequences.

You will be amazed to know about the different reasons why this vision problem or low vision is caused. Sometimes it also have effects more than what we can expect. Have a look at the points mentioned below to have a rough idea of why and what effects are caused due to lower vision:

  1. First and foremost it will affect your work culture drastically. It might sound out of the box now but think about it. Will you be accepted in your work place if you had problem with your vision? Can you work like you are used to? Hopefully the answer will be negative. Reason why a regular visit to your eye specialist is considered so vital.
  2. Secondly, culturally, there is often a stigma associated with blindness, further alienating the afflicted from their communities. Social disadvantages are also enormous. But fortunately, there is hope that we can reverse these devastating impacts, as long as the medical community continues to increase access to surgery and care.
  3. Thirdly this Blindness also significantly affects family and community members. Because blindness restricts mobility. And hence consequently, blindness affects the community on a practical level, as children cannot attend school when they become caretakers for blind adults.
  4. Fourthly this is how countless children are denied the opportunity to receive a formal education, and perhaps escape the poverty cycle.  Often, when a sighted adult becomes the caretaker for a blind individual, he or she must stop working. This leads to long-term economic and educational repercussions that extend beyond the blind individual. And this halt in the cultural and economic sector does not only affect the individual but rather the family too.
  5. Fifthly, Furthermore, blind individuals and the household members who care for them struggle with reduced earning potential and a decrease in productivity.
  6. The last point might come to you as a shock which is the increased mortality. Although it is not typically recognized as a “killer disease,” blindness does lead to increased mortality. Because poverty and blindness are closely linked, the blind are faced with the well-documented mortality risks associated with living below the poverty line. Life expectancy gets reduced to ten times of a person with normal vision.

Everyone wants a normal life and vision is something without which you cannot expect to lead a normal life. Hence make sure that you take care of your eyes like you should. And visit the eye specialist on regular notions.

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