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Contoura vision is a form of bladeless LASIK technique performed using Contoura vision machines. Contoura eye surgery is a procedure which was recently launched. The initial success of this technology can be attributed to the “customized corneal correction” that it claims to offer. Customized corneal correction is the only big differentiating USP owing to which Contoura is marketed as a separate procedure and not as a bladeless LASIK. However, scientifically Contura is a bladeless topo guided LASIK and it is worth noting that it involves flap making. The customized corneal correction is done by making a big flap and then exposing the cornea to a laser. The flap making limitation of Contoura proves that it is less advanced than SMILE® which is flapless, and which was launched before it.

As Contoura eye surgery started gaining popularity in recent times, there are not enough clinical studies performed to evaluate its outcomes and benefits in the long run.

(P.S: The most quoted study to market Contoura vision is one published by AJ Kanellopoulos, however it must be noted that the study was actually performed to compare topo-guided LASIK and SMILE® and not specifically for Contoura as mentioned in some of the websites. Therefore, the identity of Contoura -whether it is a topo-guided LASIK or a novel procedure beyond LASIK remains a subject of conflict and confusion.


If you visit the official handle of Novartis website, the parent company behind Contoura technology, you will find that they introduced it as personalized LASIK, however certain lobbies promote it as “Beyond LASIK” to mislead patients. 

US FDA Approval- Yes or no? 

The topo-guided LASIK has US FDA approval and is a trusted procedure.  Contoura vision marketing claims the same US FDA approval to brand it. And then the Contoura website also claims that it is “Beyond LASIK”. These contradictions have led to a lot of ambiguity about the identity and technology of this procedure. If it is a LASIK (topo guided bladeless version) which it truly is then it has all the benefits and limitations of the same but it claims to offer results beyond LASIK. 

Beyond 6/6:

Super-man vision is yet another extraordinary claim used by lobbies to project Contoura over the board.

A good treatment will give you perfect vision, any claim beyond perfect is dubious. Beware, there is nothing called super vision. 

What you should not fall for?

The internet is overloaded about misinformation on Contoura and there are some lobbies with commercial interests promoting it as a miraculous procedure. It must be understood that a good surgeon will recommend the most ideal procedure for your eyes only after performing eye examinations and depending on your life-style requirements.

If you come across Contoura reviews or tall claims like stitch less, needle-free or superman vision, you need to know that none of the LVC procedure (Laser vision correction) procedure; be it PRK, LASIK or SMILE® involves use of needles or stitching. These claims are to misguide patients. LASIK makes a flap and the flap heals on its own, same is the principle for Contoura laser. 

Limitations of Contoura:

Well no doubts that results with Contoura are as good as with any other LVC procedure. The premium procedures are charged more not because they give any extraordinary results but because of the comfort and other benefits like early recovery and minimal risk in the long run. 

In the case of Contoura, just like any other LASIK type, the downside is “flap”. The flap of 18-20 mm takes some time to heal and even when it does, a minor risk of flap dislocation remains in the long run. And of course, the weakening of corneal biomechanical strength due to flap formation. If you do not want to take a chance with flap, you can opt for a flapless procedure. 

Is Contoura vision painful?

Ans: As mentioned earlier, Contoura vision is a variant of bladeless LASIK and therefore less painful compared to blade LASIK procedure. Moreover, local anesthesia is administered before the procedure to ensure discomfort and pain level remains minimal. However, if you compare it to SMILE® which is completely painless, there might be some level of discomfort in patients owing to flap making.

What is the cost of contoura vision?

Ans: The price of Contoura vision varies from clinic to clinic, just like any other procedure. Although a variant of LASIK (topo guided procedure), Contoura is marketed as a novel technique. This marketing has given it an edge in terms of pricing making it more expensive than conventional LASIK, although the fundamental technique remains same as any LASIK procedure which is creation of flap. Contoura vision cost falls anywhere in the range of 80k- 1 lakh, however you might find pricing beyond this range too. It is important to do your homework and choose the right procedure for your eyes and if going for contoura vision, you must double check the contoura vision price with your surgeon before booking it and whether it includes pre-test costs or not.


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