Everything you Need to know about Security Token Offering

Security Token Offerings are financial securities backed by the revenues of the company, profits or tangible assets. These coins emerged when initial coin (ICO) offerings were banned in 2018 by financial regulators in several countries. A security token offering (STO) services provide legal rights like voting and revenue distribution to investors. Demand for Security token offerings has increased because they are a simple, secure and legitimate form of investment. Raising capital through security tokens solve decentralization and capital investment-related issues.

Types of Security Tokens

Asset: Based Tokens: Asset-based tokens represent ownership of assets like real estate or commodities. These tokens address issues of trust and transaction complexities. Developers build asset-based security tokens using blockchain-based networks like Neo and Etherium. Blockchain technology keeps a track of transactions and reduces frauds associated with the exchange of assets.

Debt Tokens: Debt security tokens represent debt instruments like corporate bonds or real estate mortgages. The prices of Debt tokens are determined on the basis of risk and dividend. These tokens are issued with the promise of payback in order to attract maximum investors.

Equity Token: Equity tokens are backed by a company’s stock or capital. These tokens represent the value of shares issued by companies on the blockchain. Owning equity-based security tokens entitles investors to company’s profits and voting rights. Blockchain-based equity tokens enable traders to comply with financial securities laws.

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