Everything You Want To Know About Music Synthesizer

Everything You Want To Know About Music Synthesizer

If you love to create music online, you will certainly have heard of the synthesizer. But do you know – what is it, and how does it work? Let’s find out in this guide.

Music Synthesizer: What is it?

The synthesizer is an electronic instrument, similar to a midi keyboard, which produces sounds imitating a natural acoustic process. Instead of being mechanically produced by a vibrating string or a hammer, here, the sound is delivered through an electrical impulse.

At first glance, it looks like a very simple instrument, but actually has a complex mechanism like the piano or the harpsichord. This instrument came into existence in the 1940s, but only in the 1970s did the first mass-produced analog synthesizer appear. 

Thanks to this instrument, it became possible to play many instruments in one: the typical sounds of other musical instruments and also the artificial sounds were reproduced. From electronic drum loops to basses, from organs to violins, it was a real orchestra in one instrument.

The analog synthesizer used analog synthesis, which includes additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, and frequency modulation.

Additive Synthesis

It is a particularly complex type of synthesis based on the principle that a natural sound can be obtained by the union of a certain number of frequencies, which aggregates different sound waves, thus producing new sounds.

Subtractive Synthesis

It is the type of synthesis most used by the analog synthesizer. The aim is to intervene on particularly articulated sounds and obtain a more defined sound through a series of filters. This type of synthesis is also used in mechanical instruments, like the violin or the guitar.

Frequency Modulation

It is a technique born in the eighties and became viral at the same time. Thanks to a specific type of keyboard designed in this way. It reproduces natural sounds and obtains plausible timbres, especially those of pianos.

The Digital Synthesizer

The digital synthesizer was born in the 1980s as an evolution of the analog synthesizer, thanks to advancements in electronics and computers. However, the transition was still rather slow: the first digital synthesizers still operated on analog generation, while the controls were digital. Only later did the digital synthesizer begin to have a digital sound generation as well.

Currently, virtual synthesizers are primarily used to create music online. They are real software capable of emulating all the functions of a digital synthesizer.

How Much Does a Synthesizer Cost?

A few years ago, the price for a synthesizer was quite high, especially if you wanted a professional product. Thanks to the diffusion of technology, costs have been reduced, and musical synthesizers can be found in the market at very affordable prices.

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