Explore About the Racing Events at Santa Anita Race Track & the Betting Tips

Santa Anita Park is called “the Great Race Place,” and of course for obvious reasons: A Left Coast answer to the Churchill Downs, this Los Angeles-area track is easily the finest large-capacity horse-racing venue in the west of the Mississippi, if not the entire U.S.!

Set against the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains that are typically topped by the marine layer or smog, Santa Anita is set in the true horse town of the Arcadia, Calif. And this while near L.A., feels like a world away, with its shabby-chic Route 66 architecture & the devotion to the sport of kings. And now that Hollywood Park has been shuttered, Santa Anita no longer faces much competition for the local horseplayer’s dollar.

So, if you are curious about going to this race track then read on to know about the racing events at Santa Anita race track and Santa Anita tips.

Races at Santa Anita Race Track

The premier race of this race track is- the Santa Anita Derby that has produced no less than 15 Kentucky Derby winners. Santa Anita racecourse also sometimes hosts the Breeders’ Cup World Championships, which is the most-attended racing event of the year after the Kentucky Derby.

The routine for every race at Santa Anita goes like this, and all you need to do is follow the crowd & the horses to see it all unfold:

  • Horses for the upcoming race event will arrive in the paddock area outside the racing track about 20 minutes before the race starts. It is a great time to see the horses up close.
  • Bugler players (who typically wear beautiful red-and-gold uniforms) play “Call to the Post.” You would already know the tune: “ta-da, dat-tada, dat-tada, dat-tada-da.”
  • Jockeys then ride the horses onto the track, entering via a tunnel that goes beneath the grandstands.
  • The non-racing horse accompanies each racing horse (so as to keep them calm) as the non-racing horses make their way to the starting gate on the opposite side of the field.
  • Once the horses are all set up, the race is on. Excitement and noise level builds as the horses round the end of the race track and comes into view. Amidst much shouting, cheering, & general racket, the horses cross the finish line.
  • Hang in there to see the horses leaving the track, and you will surely appreciate how muscular they are.

Betting Tips

You can have a lot of fun at Santa Anita race track even if you don’t wager at all. However, if you want to bet but aren’t sure how to go about it, then there are Santa Anita tips that will help you to place the best bets!

Also, you may end up spending hours figuring out which horse you should choose. But it is always said that even the pros get it right less than half the time. So, if you’re going there just for fun, pick a name you like & cheer for the horse like mad. If you are lucky, it will all end with an exciting photo finish and some money in your pocket!

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