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Houston is a city that wakes up after it gets dark. After dark, the air in this city automatically makes you want to grab a drink or dance the night out. Still, if you are sitting in your hotel room staring at your phone, boy, you’re missing out! Boost your after-dark plans with something a bit more interesting and unexpected. You won’t ever get a similar experience like the nightlife in Houston. The city has everything to impress a hopeless romantic traveler to the one who travels solo. 

Whether you enjoy stargazing in the open sky or screaming your throat out at live music shows, Houston showers you with all of it. Catch a jazzy burlesque show or watch a midnight movie; choose what suits you. We can help you with some really good nightlife ideas. You can do some homework and add the best plans to your itinerary. 

While half of the city is turning their lights off, here’s how to give a turn on your exploration. 

The Moonlight Dolls

While Burlesque may not match your mood during the daytime, it can be the right option for you at night. Enjoy the burlesque troupe- The Moonlight Dolls. They are currently performing at Chapman and Kirby. The show takes its routes to the interesting, The Jazz Age and magic-filled Almost Midnight show on weekends. Find out the authentic arts in Houston at this burlesque. 

Laugh the Fatigue Out at a Comedy Show

While the national comedy acts are an excellent choice to make, Houston also has more hidden comedy shows to explore. Make a visit to The Secret Group, an entertainment cum bar, to enjoy unexpected live comedy shows. It also hosts open mic nights where you can try your voice too! Why not? Or, enjoy live theatre in Houston at Station Theater. Oh wait, do you like Karaoke? Try the Live Punk Rock Karaoke Tuesdays at Rudyard’s. Note, these only happen on second and fourth Tuesdays. 

What about an 80’s night? 

Have some impromptu fun on weekends at Etro Lounge. Weekends here are a throwback to the ‘80s. Enjoy “I Love the 80s” video dance parties on weekend nights and special hip hop nights on Sundays. This place is a whole vibe to kill all your oh-so-groovy dance moves and bring out the funkiest steps. Find out everything coated in neon that you might have been missing after your last crazy party. 

Get a Boost at Midnight Cafes

Some cafes in Houston keep their doors open at midnight for all those after-hangover chills and midnight cravings. You can head to Penny Quarter and relish their famous grilled cheese and fries with some wine. If you want to spend the night playing board games, head to EaDo’s Coral Sword. 

Houston has a lot more venues that’ll give you even more fun tickles than daytime. Explore the best of upcoming events and nightlife in Houston and book tickets in advance if needed. You do not want to keep waiting at the entry doors when you’re excited to hit the events and bars. 


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