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The Braun collection 7 790cc shaver makes use of the employer’s proprietary “Pulsonic era.” if you’re within the market for a dry shaver, you need to be sure it’s the most relaxed it may be… specifically if you’ve used different electrics that pull and tug in your pores and skin. sure, this new Braun series 7 790cc shaver is the trendy in excessive-tech shaving. however the essential question is this: will or not it’s comfortable to use?


Do you depart domestic looking like you’ve just long past some rounds with the heavyweight champ? With a red, uncooked face that is been definitely angry with the aid of your vintage electric powered shaver? The Braun collection 7 790cc shaver makes shaving near and comfy via the use of Gillette blade era. Gillette’s notable-sharp blades imply a much nearer reduce, however nevertheless with a high stage of comfort to your skin.


best Braun has Gillette’s unique blade generation – so efficient, it is been patented. Your skin will love the new VolgoPoint Braun 790cc shaver and right here’s every other cause why: the ones outstanding-sharp blades want fewer passes to provide you a near shave. Fewer passes way greater comfort. meaning much less tugging, much less pulling in your pores and skin. touchy skin or now, you’ll experience the distinction.


Of direction, there are a few guys accessible with more-sensitive pores and skin. electric shavers of any type – inclusive of the Braun Series 7 Replacement Head – might also irritate or redden very sensitive pores and skin. still, it’s important to word that Braun engineers have simply carried out their homework… and have tried to make sure this new version shaver can work for as many guys as feasible. studies has shown that for some with quite touchy pores and skin may not be capable of use any kind of electric powered shaver. Braun shows as you start to use your new collection 7 790cc shaver, hold it at a ninety diploma perspective to get the smoothest feasible shave.


it may take a bit of time in your face to get “within the groove” with an electric powered shaver… but my face (and that i) love my Braun. My pores and skin is rash-free and cozy. The Braun collection 7 790cc shaver leaves your skin easy and secure, and offers a first rate shave.


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