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The daily use of dental floss is intended to help keep away the problems that arise from the accumulation of plaque between the teeth. But also to eliminate food residues that cannot be removed using only the toothbrush. The thread can be made of various materials such as nylon, Teflon or polyester. Although originally, in 1815, a simple unwaxed silk thread was used. It is sold in rolls that contain 10 to 50 meters of product.

There are many facts and myths about flossing and so here we are going to reveal the truth.

Myth: You haven’t been brushing or flossing regularly and you have an appointment with the dentist soon. As long as you brush in a proper way before going, nobody will notice, right?

Fact: We are sorry to tell you, but it is not that simple. Without brushing or regular dental floss, hard tartar is formed around the teeth and there comes a point where you cannot take it off just by brushing.

In addition, you can’t undo the irritation in your gums which occurs when tartar and plaque have accumulated for 6 months in just a few days of cleaning. Location and amount of tarter and bleeding gums are the main clues.

Myth: The use of flossing is very difficult.

Fact: The use of the wire is simple for those without dental problems, but for those with crooked teeth or dental crowding, using the wire could be problematic. In these cases, there are special tools that can come in handy, such as thread-tensioning forks or vibrating dental flosses. Even in these cases, it is very important to use dental floss to prevent far more serious problems such as gingivitis and bad breath.

Myth: I should use floss only when there is some food stuck in my mouth.

Fact: Flossing is a great way to remove particles of food which is trapped in the teeth. It is not the only reason you should use floss. It helps to remove plaque in the teeth. If it is not removed, it can easily cause gums to ignite and also causing tooth decay, tooth loss, and even gum disease. You can pass the thread every day and not only when the food is stuck. You can also consult a dental clinic near me for better guidance.

When to use dental floss?

To obtain the benefits deriving from the use of the wire, dentists recommend using it in special conditions. The right time to use dental floss is in the evening, but if this is a certainty. There are two different visions about which are the exact situations in which to do it. There are indeed experts who think it should be passed:

Before brushing:

Some dental clinic thinks that the best time to use the wire is before brushing, with one of the best electric toothbrushes or the classic one and toothpaste.

In this way, both the residues of plaque and those of food that have nestled between the teeth and the beneficial action of the toothpaste can be moved from the interdental spaces, so that it can also act in those areas, otherwise unattainable.

To obtain good results, however, it is important that cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste is also carried out accurately.

After brushing:

There are experts in the dental field who advise instead of using dental floss after brushing your teeth. Their advice is dictated by the fact that the use of the toothbrush should already have removed most of the dirt accumulated on and between the teeth and thus the work of the wire would thus be more effective.
Even in this case, however, the first phase of cleaning must be done accurately. Brushing well is therefore very important, also to prevent oral infections such as pyorrhea or the feared periodontitis.

But how is dental floss used?

The first thing to do is to cut a piece of wire 40-50 cm long and wrap it around the middle finger, stretching it with the index fingers.

With the thread taut, wind the tooth and slide the thread downwards. In this way it will act as a blade, cutting away the plaque.

This action must be repeated with all the teeth, using each time a portion of the clean wire. The first teeth to act on are the posterior teeth, ending with the molars on the opposite side of the arch.

Using floss once a day and doing it correctly will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you want more information on dental floss, do not hesitate to get in touch with nearby dental clinic.


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