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AdminSeptember 17, 20191063 min

I am a retired army veteran, I have lived a long life and seen many things. A lot of my friends have died due to various diseases and others from accidents. However, I never thought something like cancer would hound my life too. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with colon cancer two years back, I had no choice but to accept my fate and die in peace but my family encourages me to take treatment. They took me to the nearby hospital called Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute.

I am no big hospital fan, I never like visiting them or for that matter, I avoid doctors as much as I can. I personally think hospitals are money gulping monsters, but there was something about his particular hospital which appealed to me. The staff was polite and doctors eager to help. I was immediately admitted; my condition was stage one, so I had plenty of time and treatment options.  Minor surgery and chemotherapy helped me fight the disease and lead an enriched life.

Although the hospital’s performance was already something I found different, the thing which shattered my idea of a typical hospital was their nominal fee. My reaction to their fees was because I had read some of the Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital complaints about charging more than necessary.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Feedback page is filled with similarly negative reviews, but after witnessing their service first hand my view for them is different. The positive vibe from the doctors and the staff really helped me fight. My granddaughter says social media is full of lies maybe that’s what happened to this institution as well. But in my opinion, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.


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