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Amenities – The Extra Touch That Adds So Much
“Wow – that feels fantastic!” My new client for the massage table first gasped with surprise, then purred with pleasure! “I can’t believe you’re doing that! What a wonderful service. I’ve had massages worldwide and who else has ever done that for me personally. I love it! Now I’ll never go anywhere else for my massage. Thank you a great deal!”
I hear comments such as this constantly. What’s the problem? All I did was wipe over massage oil with hot towels, something I do for all those my clients. My local colleagues understand that I do this, yet not one of them offer this amenity to their clients. They worry about extra laundry, extra time and additional expense.
Then they wonder how I get a lot of clients and make my schedule consistently full. They don’t appear to make link between special service for clients along with a full appointment book. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion it’s worth the serious amounts of price of more laundry to own satisfied, loyal clients who return weekly or monthly for Magnet a long time, boosting my bottom line. The extra income it creates allows me to rent you to definitely perform laundry!
What special services do you give your clients to demonstrate concern for their comfort, convenience and well-being? For holistic doctors, it’s understandable that this treatment itself should be of the best quality. But that’s only part in the equation. I don’t know what sort of health care business climate is in your area but my town, though tiny, is crawling with excellent massage therapists, creating healthy competition. So being skilled at my modality is not enough. The way I practically guarantee that my clients will get superior value, go back and refer others offering amenities.
Amenities – small client-attractive goods and services that add little to your cost or time – will have a huge impact about the client’s knowledge about you. Use every opportunity you can to present customers extra service – from their first telephone call for your follow-up call. I consider amenities in casual conversation, especially with clients – to subtly draw attention to the fact that I am looking out for them and also to be sure they understand it’s something unique to my practice. For example: “Let me slip this heated support pillow through your neck.” Or: “This hot towel clean-up minimizes the massage oil from staining your clothes.”
In certain health and fitness settings, like spas and salons, amenities are hoped for and provided. But it’s a bit more challenging to pick the best ones in clinical and medical practices. I have found who’s primarily involves small but significant means of developing the know-like-trust relationship with clients.
You or your assistant offers impressive extras that my clients experience whenever they sell to me, before, during and after an appointment, such as:
Answering machine message – My friendly greeting changes twice each month, and often mentions a unique offer or promotion, to let callers know in the first place that they will get something extra or unexpected which is above and beyond the typical message and the standard massage.
Before the appointment – For clients I email or snail mail their intake paperwork to complete before they are available in. Existing clients appreciate my reminder call the day before their appointment, and I ask what pain or discomfort they desire help with and what has changed since their last appointment, so I’m prepared because of their session the following day.
Reception area – I’m always there to greet the client when she enters my reception area. I have eliminated ‘waiting room’ from my vocabulary and from my practice, because I schedule appointments in order that I never keep anyone waiting!
Before the therapy – I send new customers their paperwork before the first appointment. When they are available in, we look at it together, item by item, to make sure they understand my policies and procedures. This eliminates the awkwardness of somebody being surprised later – including paying for a missed appointment. I believe people appreciate knowing ‘the rules’ and what to anticipate – it helps them feel more at ease and secure. Before going into the treatment room, I give a drink of water and make use of in the restroom.
Treatment room – It is comfortable, attractive and impeccably clean! Calm serenity is important here. I conserve a comfortable room temperature using a heater, fan or open window. Flowers and foliage are subtle, not showy, and try to fresh – no fake flowers. There is a view of a good looking “secret garden” just outside of the window. I pre-warm the therapy table with a table-size heating pad, but unplug it throughout the session, so as not to run electromagnetic current through the consumer’s body. I use sun light during the day and flameless, battery-powered candles for evening sessions.
During the session – I play serene, tasteful ambient music. The first thing I do after entering the space is place a heating pad on the client’s back. I move it around during the procedure, to pre-warm each area with the body before I work about it. Not only is this warmth profoundly relaxing and comforting for the client, additionally, it makes my work easier by softening tight muscles before massage. Sales of my special microwavable, rice-filled herbal heating pads give me another supply of revenue in my business! Careful draping is conscious of modesty and privacy, and helps your client feel safe and comfortable, further establishing trust. For client clean-up during and after treatment, I have my previously-mentioned famous hot towels to clean lubricant off the client’s skin – they appreciate having the ability to go out of a massage feeling fresh and clean, without any oily residue.
After the session – There’s a nice shower inside restroom for clients who want more thorough cleaning. I have a cup of water or tea ready when the client is released with the treatment room. I always invite people to schedule or confirm the next appointment. (It isn’t being pushy or needy to do this. Many people feeling drowsy or disoriented from a bodywork session and they also many thanks for concern for his or her needs.) I always give you a new client something to steer away with – a handout of self-care tips, a write-up regarding their condition, bottled water, a product or service sample, teabags, a granola bar, a price reduction coupon for their next session, an intro coupon to touch on someone, my magnetized biz card, their appointment reminder – a tangible reminder of me and my practice! Everything I share has my name and speak to info onto it.
And here’s something I don’t do that really makes people crunches and take notice – no tips! Whoa – hold on, you say – massage therapists expect tips and rely on this more money to further improve their income. Well, this can be true in a spa or salon setting, but my view is in a medical care clinic, tipping is inappropriate. Just as individuals don’t tip their doctor or dentist, they likewise really should not be expected to tip their massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist or other medical provider. If someone insists on giving a little gem anyway, I make sure they understand which it helps cover the expense of my pro bono community service work. This policy goes a long way toward impressing people who have my dedication, commitment and professionalism. Keeping repeat clients on the long-term gets more income than One-Session Wonders who leave a large tip rather than return!
Follow-up – I check in by phone in the morning with new customers or even an existing client using a new problem. If their next appointment is a lot more compared to a week away, I call again inside a few days to view how they’re doing and remind these to stick to the self-care recommendations I gave them. I inquire if they’ve any queries or if there’s anything I can do for them. If they’re hurting, I offer to view them sooner than scheduled.
On-going – My keep-in-touch marketing system keeps my practice inside clients’ awareness. This can include email or postal mail items, such as my weekly ezine, info or articles of interest to the client. My Referral Reward Program offers free massage to clients who refer others in my experience. Birthday and holiday e-cards are pre-scheduled each year, with new business added as these come in.
Helping clients feel great with great technical skills will be the smallest amount you must give. People expect very effective treatments session, this is why they called you within the first place. Exceed their expectations with amenities – nice little extra goods and services that add little if any cost or time for it to you, but have a big impact for the client’s experience. Use special amenities daily, not simply with new customers, though all clients. Not just occasionally, but in each and every interaction, whether for the phone, by email or even in person. Amenities are a main factor keeping in mind loyal ideal clients and becoming their referrals.
Oh, one more thing – always, always, remember to express “Thank you much for being released! I many thanks for support.”