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Share market is a famous avenue where one can see the ups and downs in prices, and if he has enough knowledge, he can make money out of a few trades. However, before beginning, the trading in this market, one needs to have sufficient knowledge and information on the basis of which he can trade. Though there are many so-called service providers, who offer calls and tempt traders to have more profit, none of them is true, and hence it is better that the trader relies on his research and skills only.

The trading requirements:

For different traders, there are different types of trades available in the market. The intraday, delivery, future and options are some of the alternatives available to the traders in the market and one can go for any of them as per his requirements. The investment, knowledge, risk and period are the major factors that one needs to check before selecting any of these options. Each option here has different risks and return which one must keep in mind before selecting any of them.

The accounts:

The trader must have a trading and a demat account with any of the brokers or broking companies in the market. While going to open the account one needs to check the best discount brokers in India who are known for not only services but also for the trading platforms and brokerage rates that can help the traders to have ease of trading.

The brokerage:

Brokerage is the prime concern to any trader in the market. If one goes for one or two trades in a day, it may not be much important for him, but those who take it as a business and go for the bulk trading must consider the rate of brokerage charged by the broker.

The brokers offer various types of plans that can help one get a proper brokerage rate to save amount on his spending as brokerage. Some of the brokers have plans where the trader has to pay the brokerage in a lump sum but in advance. The brokerage plan has validity, and after the completion of the required period, one has to pay the brokerage again. In such a plan, the broker is offered with a low rate of brokerage and the net bill of each transaction that can help him keep track of profit and loss accurately.

Some other brokers also offer per transaction fixed rate that can help one go for bulk trades at a low rate of brokerage. Such a plan can be more useful to the traders who deal in large volume and in intraday trading. The broker here can term it as a fixed rate also and hence it proves useful in case of transaction with large amounts. There are also some plans where the broker is provided with a rate on the turnover. Again this plan can be useful to the volume traders only. For a broker, the low amount of rate but to the intraday traders can help him earn a good income.


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