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Buying or selling a property is not an easy deal and it is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. That is why it is very essential to have the best realtor by your side to guide you properly through the process. A realtor is an experienced professional on whom you can rely on for solutions to the technical, tactical, financial questions that arise. A good realtor will also have a clear handle on the ins and outs of the housing market in your area. This module is going to help you to find the best Guam Realtor.

Basic difference between a realtor and a real estate agent

All realtors are real estate agents but not all the real estate agents are realtors which mean all realtors are licensed to sell real estate as agents. The realtors belong to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and they follow the realtor’s code of ethics. The code establishes different levels of conduct that are higher than ordinary business practices or those required by law.

How to choose the best realtor?

Considering the following points, you could find the best Guam realtor.

  • Find the agent with most listings: Several websites are available to refer agents to you, but there is no assurance of quality. The agents they refer are simply those who have paid the site owners a fee to be listed in their directories.
  • A better option is to research the top realtors in your area. To be precise, search for the one with most listings. Go to the websites and look up profiles of individual realtors offices near you. Look for details of their experience, but don’t necessarily rule out budding realtors. They might have more time to spend with you. Just be sure to look for client reviews or comments.
  • Get referrals from your network: Another common strategy used to find the best Guam realtor is through word of mouth. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors whom they recommend. Ideally, you will want someone with good experience working with clients who are similar to you. The needs of first-time buyers, for example, are different than those of repeat buyers or homeowners who are looking to downsize. You can try reaching out to other realtors too. Many realtors would feel happy to refer you to the other realtor matching your expectations.
  • Interview at least three realtors: This is your opportunity to get a sense of the realtor’s style as well as their experience. Ultimately, you are looking for a Realtor who is familiar with a particular area and understands your budget needs. So interviewing at least three of the realtors would give a rough idea about their plans to make you achieve your goal. Choose the best realtor who is confident enough and trust-worthy to make your money worth spending on them.
  • Take a close look at your contract: Your contract should spell out all of the terms and conditions to which you have already agreed, including the realtor’s commission. Traditionally, the seller pays 6 percent of the sales price of the property as commissions, with half going to their realtor and half going to the buyer’s realtor. The commission rate is negotiable, however, with the average commission of 5 percent in recent years.

Another factor to look at is the length of the contract itself. Look for a contract limited to six months or less. In the seller’s market, it can take less than or up to 30 days to sell a property, according to NAR. If your contract is much longer than that and you still haven’t sold your home in a reasonable time frame, you want to be able to switch to another a realtor. Similarly, if as a buyer you haven’t found the home you want within a few months, it’s helpful to keep your options open.

Thus, considering the above points you can find the best Guam realtor.


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