Digital MarketingFive Reason Why You Should Invest In Magento Extensions

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As the e-commerce sector is growing at an exponential rate, businesses are actively looking to enhance their e-stores to match the competition and stay aligned with customer expectations. Success in the digital domain is largely dependent on the look and feel of the online store. Therefore, e-sellers should deliver a seamless shopping experience with an aesthetically pleasing website that has the right navigational elements in the right place. To solve this problem, Magento development services offer several features that render excellent functionalities. In addition to that, it also supports a range of free and paid extensions that enable the integration of desired functionalities into the store.  Businesses that are still wondering why they should invest in Magento extensions, here are the five reasons why:

Inventory management

Inventory management is a critical aspect of the business. Businesses need to keep a close watch on their product availability to avoid running out of stock. Even online sellers need to keep a close tab on their inventory or else they could run out of stock without realizing it and lose potential customers.  Magento extensions assist by offering features such as product inventory management and multi-store support. Businesses can also manage sales and orders with these extensions. Other features include, but are not limited to, inventory transaction log management and inventory update push notifications.

Backend Efficiency

For those running an e-commerce store, managing the backend functions efficiently is the most important task. Magento extensions simplify the backend process, leaving merchants free to focus on other business-critical functions such as customer engagement. Multiple extensions provide information like reviews, sales reports, data, account details, and more. With Magento, businesses can manage e-stores, products, customers on multiple platforms.  Magento development services and extensions are mobile-friendly which is important for every e-business. Sellers receive push notifications for every critical action and can manage customer reviews and receive reports on their smartphones.

Timely Delivery and Tracking

After placing an order online, customers wait eagerly for it to arrive, and if it doesn’t reach them on time they become dissatisfied which can, in turn, ruin a business’s digital reputation. To avoid this, certain extensions can be added to the Magento stores to ensure the timely delivery of products to customers. For instance, Delivery Date Scheduling, enables customers to choose when they’d like the products to be delivered by selecting the date and time of delivery. They can also set timelines and intervals between the order and actual delivery. As for the businesses, they can create the time and date format, monitor the delivery process remotely, and display the delivery date and time along with the amount charged.

Better Audience Reach 

Sellers that run a global online store, have access to a huge customer base, however, they also face a major challenge in the form of a language barrier. It is difficult to communicate and engage with customers from different parts of the world. The communication barrier results in cart abandonment which leads to a huge loss for businesses. To fill this communication gap, Magento development services offer the Language Translator extension that assists customers to communicate with businesses in their preferred language. In addition to this, store-owners have the freedom to change the language of product details and other content on the website.

Enhanced performance and scalability

Organizations that are using Magento 2 platform will enjoy better performance than the Magento 1 platform. Magento 2 increases the query speed by using the enhanced indexer. The indexer creates relevant tables by incorporating the merchant data and regularly updates it. The data includes prices, stores, users, and catalog data. Cache requests can also be created by using the HTTP accelerator.  Factors that increase the scalability of the platform are:

  1. With Magento, businesses can optimize a webpage and offer faster delivery
  2. Enhanced server response time, therefore making it convenient for visitors to browse
  3. Enhanced backend operations
  4. Increased efficiency during peak times due to data scalability and flexibility
  5. Increases the order processing speed by 39%
  6. Better customer support and experience


Designing a website is a cumbersome task especially for those who do not possess the required technical skills. However, with Magento extensions, e-sellers have the freedom to customize their online store. The extensions make the e-commerce platform user-friendly and offer multiple features such as inventory management, backend efficiency, and more.  However, before integrating any of these extensions with the Magento store make sure if and why you need it because they have substantial cost implications. If you are confused regarding the best extensions for your e-store, get in touch with a Magento Development Company. They will guide you and assist in driving more traffic to the e-store. For more information, contact us


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