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Saruk HalsanaMarch 19, 2020258 min

There is a wide range of benefits of foot massage that you can’t even imagine. Foot massage is like healing your mind, body, and soul. It helps to relax your muscles and nerves effectively.

There are also best foot massager techniques that you can use in order to heal yourself internally. Massage has great benefits for your health, it helps you to calm yourself behaviorally, mentally and physically.

But do you know there are certain foot massage tips that you need to follow in order to make your message successful? A foot massage can also be done at home or by massage therapists, whatever you like you can proceed with.

Top 7 Best Foot Massage Tips

Therefore, here are the best foot massage tips that you need to know in 2020,

1. Be On Time:

While going for a foot massage, you should always be on time. Rushing to a massage therapist for your foot massage can take a longer time for your muscles and nerves to relax properly.

2. Communication:

It is crucial to stay communicative during your foot massage. Please understand that your silence won’t work. You need to speak to the therapist and discuss your problems regarding your foot. 

If the therapist is continuing your massage and you are feeling painful or not comfortable then you should speak to the therapist. If there is a pain in certain areas of your foot, then you must tell him/her regarding this so that the therapist can help you.

3. Oiling Your Legs:

If you are continuing this foot massage at your home, then first you need to oil your entire legs from upward to downward. 

Be sure to take the first one leg and then proceed with the other. With the help of your both thumbs, massage gently. Massage it first in an anticlockwise direction and then clockwise direction.

4. Rub Your Heels Properly:

You might not know but your heels suffer from huge pressure after the long tiring and stressful day. 

Therefore, it is one of the best tips to massage your heels properly with any massage oils that have a greater amount of nutrients. While massing foot you need to use oil because it helps you to avoid any type of friction.

5. Rotate Your Toes:

Another foot massage tip is to rotate your toes. Be sure to rotate it in all the direction i.e., clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

You have to rotate it individually so that if there is any pain in your toes then your foot can overcome it after the massage. You can also use massage oil if you wish to. 

6. Soak Your Feet in Warm Water:

When you are massaging your feet be sure to soak it in the warm water and sliced fruits. You can use Banana, Roses, Gulab Jal, Peels of oranges, etc. If you are massaging your foot then be sure to focus on one leg and then concentrate on the other. 

Don’t be in a hurry. First, massage your one feet properly and soak it in the warm water and then take out the other feet and then again massage it properly.

7. Use Lotions or Massage Oils:

It’s crucial to massage your legs with lotions and massage oils properly. Massage oil helps to deliver essential nutrients to your foot that are really beneficial.

Massage helps to increase the blood circulation of your feet and relieves all types of pain that your foot is suffering from. You can also use massage lotions instead of massage oils if you wish to. There are varieties of lotions and massage oils available online as well as offline stores that you can buy.

Wrapping it up

Foot Massage is vital for your body. We need clothes to wear, the same way your foot needs a massage. It helps to relax your foot’s nerves. On the other hand, it enhances your blood circulation and encourages better sleep.

Be careful to follow all the tips carefully while massaging your foot at home or by a massage therapist. The above mentioned are the best foot massage tips that you must follow in 2020.

Saruk Halsana

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