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Fortis Hospital  Kolkata is one of the accredited hospitals within the health sector. It is a ten storied large hospital having 400 beds. The area accounts for 3 lakh square feet area. Kolkata is the city of West Bengal, which not only acts as the medical hub of the people in town but even for those residing in the eastern part of India. The location is well suited within the vicinity of the metropolitan city. Ever First Fortis Hospital in Kolkata was established in the 1990s. A very caring and sympathetic treatment is provided to the patients. There is an option for the integrated healthcare relief scheme which can be customized as per customers needs.

Range of Services being offered :

The fortis medical center consists of a specialist range of doctors specializing in cardiology, cardiac surgery, urology, nephrology, neurosciences, orthopedics, digestive care, emergency care, and critical area. Also, the hospital has a 24-hour emergency team. There is a provision for blood bank and valuable care ambulance service in need of emergency. Apart from that, there is a cardiac operation theatre, catheterization laboratory, endoscopy unit. Apart from this proper diet counseling is provided to all the patients and immense care is ensured. Cleanliness holds paramount importance. Mental health is also an integral part which is addressed including stress management. There is a 24×7 pharmacy where clients can take medicines within the hospital itself. Moreover, there is also a special provision for microbiological services and rehabilitation.

Team Facilitators and their credibility :

The entire staff is well coordinated and equipped and maintains a very cordial relationship with the patients.  Also, the nurses are given proper training and are also groomed and taught about handling the patients. Moreover, the technicians add an added value ensuring smooth operations of the institute.

As per the global survey, Fortis hospital is ranked amongst the 30 advanced hospitals in the world. In a range of the most leading medical institutions in the world, the Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) is ranked number2 by the “”.

Vision :

The vision of Fortis Hospital relies on “Saving & Enriching Lives”. The central paradox we work on is “Patient centricity “which implies that work with full commitment and deliver the best outcomes. Treat patients with compassion, care and understanding is our ultimate goal. The priority is to serve our patients.

A proper projection of clinical excellence impaired with distinctive patient care is our forte. The work is done with integrity and transparency in actions is marinated.

Brand symbol of Fortis Hospital Kolkata :   

If you have a close watch on the logo, then we can see that the green color of the hands is a symbol of health, wellbeing compassion, nurturing and generosity. On the other hand, the red color highlights energy, spirituality, courage, and symbol of good luck.

Why shall we choose Fortis?

–    Experienced and skillful doctors with high skill paramedics

–    Top rated medical services

–    Updated and tuned with the medical technology

–    JCI AND NABH certified

Make the first move. Come and meet us at Fortis Hospital Kolkata. Don’t neglect your health. Your health matters. Book an appointment today and get done a health checkup. Get a complete comprehensive report of the overall body. Timely action can make things better.

Here are our details :

Address:- #730 Anandapur, E M Bypass Road, Anandapur, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700107, India.

Contact Number:- +91 8010994994



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