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The United Kingdom is considered a preferable country for studying abroad. It is owing to many reasons, including the system of education, the prospects of learning, and culture-rich communities. So, international students, particularly from Pakistan, strive hard for admissions in different UK universities. 

However, not every student fulfills the eligibility criterion of the universities. If you are facing the same issues, don’t worry at all because you can get a foundation course at De Montfort University to go for study abroad. 

So, which course will be suitable for you? Consider the list of foundation programs offered at the DMU to pick your required one to go to the UK to study. 

De Montfort University Foundation Courses to Study in the UK 

Nevertheless, the foundation programs offered at DMU are designed for the aspirants who are unable to get a direct entry into the university. It is because they don’t fulfill the criterion set for the admissions. 

Therefore, the aspirants can get admission in the foundation course, which will lead them to the desired subject study after the completion of the foundation course. In case you are confused about which one is suitable for you, get an opinion from the education consultants in Islamabad for assessment of your existing qualification and future roadmap to study in the UK. 

Are you ready to know about such courses to pick a suitable one for you? Let’s get started:

Engineering Year Zero

If you want to earn a professional degree in Engineering but unable to secure the admission at De Montfort University, opt for this course. It is a full-time study comprising one year.  The students who don’t have relevant scores to get direct admission in engineering can get benefit from this course. 

The chief objective of the course is to give you core conceptualization in fundamental subjects, including mathematics, science, engineering design, and information technology. 

Footwear Foundation Degree

Do you want to pursue a degree in product making to launch a brand in the future? A foundation degree in footwear can open up the gates of opportunities for you. It is because DMU offers the foundation course comprising all essential concepts to start your own business or get associated with the famous brands. The course includes everything starting from the basic design requirements to the management of the footwear supply chain.

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

All students who wish to pursue a professional degree in fashion designing, visual communication, textile design, fine arts, 3D modeling design, digital media, and other such related disciplines can opt for the foundation course of art and design at DMU. The course is mainly designed for the students who are unable to secure an admission in the regular degree programs at the university. So, it is your door to professional education later!

Forensic Road Collision Investigation

Are you more interested in investigations of road accidents and vehicle collisions? A degree in forensic road collisions investigation can help you to improve your skills for becoming a professional investigator. For this, you can get admission in the foundation course at De Montfort University. 

The fundamental skills of Forensic Road Collision Investigation include basic understanding of the accidents, the nature of collisions, the scope of the accident and involved factors and people. Be the best investigator by earning this degree to pursue higher education. 

Pharmacy MPharm Year Zero

The foundation course is ideal for the students who wish to pursue a degree in pharmacy. If you want to become a professional pharmacist, you should opt for this course and later on, you can proceed with the regular degree in pharmacy. The course enables the students to ensure all needed requirements for study MPharm (Hons) at De Montfort University.

Foundation Year in Computing

Computer is a lucrative field of study having multiple branches for learning. Owing to the higher scope, students aspire for studying computer science abroad in UK. However, not everyone get the admission in regular classes because of strict merit and high competition. If you are unable to get admission in the regular degrees, why not opt for a foundation year in computer to pursue your dream of study in UK?

The foundation course is designed to give the students all essential knowledge and skills which can help them achieve advanced degrees. In a case of any difficulty, you can discuss your concerns with experienced education consultants in Islamabad for degree selection and study planning. Professional consultancy can improve your chances of securing admission at De Montfort University UK. 

Want to Study at De Montfort University UK? Get Consultancy!

Summing up, United Kingdom is a wonderful study destination owing to the standards of education and lifestyle. However, admission criterion in the universities is significantly competitive, students should be eligible for it. Owing to this, many students face difficulties in getting admission in the regular programs. So, going for a foundation course can help the students to pursue their dream without any interruption. 

Don’t forget to assess your academic qualification first before apply for study in De Montfort University UK!


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