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Four Magento Instagram Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

Social Media presence has become a necessity for e-commerce businesses that want to expand their reach. It is an effective tool for creating customized feeds and driving optimum traffic to e-stores. People who join Instagram, provide the social media giant their personal information and thus assist in creating one of the best marketing tools in the digital age. The information enables brands to create tailored content to target the right audience and drive conversions. For instance, a person who likes sports cars and follows several Instagram pages related to it would see posts and ads for the same. Businesses can integrate Instagram extensions with Magento development services to serve better content to their customers.  In this article, we’re going to explain five free Magento Instagram Extensions that e-commerce businesses can use to reach prospective customers and drive sales.

Instagram Feed Plugin on Magento by POWr

The extension enables businesses to create a customized Instagram Feed. Businesses can also integrate it with the Magento store’s page, post, sidebar, and more. It also increases the website’s chance to rank higher on search engines and provides the brand followers easy access to the site.  The basic version of the extension is free and businesses can upgrade to access advanced features. Three advantages of using this extension:

  1. No coding skills are required, just copy and paste it to the Magento site
  2. Mobile-friendly
  3. Easily customizable, brands can customize it to match their logo and theme

Responsive Magento 2 Module by Magentech

The Magento extension displays images from the brand’s Instagram account. The images will be displayed in the form of a gallery with a grid layout. The plugin also features pop-up images and offers a single admin page to assist businesses in managing their feed. The module is compatible with multiple browsers, including Firefox 2 +, Safari, Chrome, and more.

Magento 2 Instagram Integration by MageComp

The extension integrates Magento development services with Instagram. It enables businesses to tag products on the pictures to create shoppable Instagram posts.  The plugin assists in driving users to the store and increases conversion rates. It also aids in boosting the digital reputation, search result ranking, and social recommendations of the business.

Instagram Module by eGrove Systems

The plugin is quite user-friendly and enables businesses to display images from their Instagram page on the website. It fetches the images from the Instagram profile that the retailer has added to their e-store. The extension, when integrated, appears on the right-side panel of the Magento store.


Instagram is the most effective way to engage with existing and prospective customers. Brands can entice audiences by sharing visually appealing photos and videos. If followers find the brand’s content engaging, they will be motivated to visit the website.  Instagram extensions are the best way to engage and drive your followers to your e-store. If you’re still confused regarding the best extension for your store, contact us. Our team of experts will assist you in choosing the right extension for your webstore. We also provide our clients with complete Magento eCommerce development services. Also Read: Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify| Ecommerce development Services

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