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Thanks to the tattoo generators, you are able to create custom handwritten typography fonts. You have Lavanderia sturdy font to download, many elegant script fonts and you have many many other options but there had been a cap on these options. With the ability of creating handwritten fonts, options are beyond the limit. However, whichever font you are using and whatever script you are selecting, if your tattoo artist has made some mistake, your tattoo will immediately become a blunder. While you should take the size and readability of the tattoo very seriously, following are the four more mistakes you should not make:

Going for no-outline

A tattoo without outline has a delicate and photo realistic feel and this the reason why a tattoo without outline looks very appealing. However, ask any experienced tattoo artist, solid structuring lines always last. You have spent some time on finding a tattoo generator and you have also purchased the license to use that font. You do want your lettering tattoo to remain legible for years to come, don’t you? So, go without an outline for such type of tattoos. Otherwise, you will be left with an unreadable and shapeless thing after years.

Not Hiring An Artist

Here comes the important part. The tattoo artist can help you throughout the journey of getting tattooed from choosing one of the handwritten typography fonts to getting it done. There is a crazy number of tattoo fonts over the internet and you can create your own fonts.

You have seen an unimpressive tattoo in someone’s arm but the guy has only good things to tell about the tattoo. It is so because the guy has himself created that font. If you don’t have a creative critical eye, let a tattoo artist help you in creating custom tattoo font. It’s natural. You are likely to love anything you have created. The same is true with that swirly font.

If you are making this creative decision with the lack of creativity, you will start regretting within the first few weeks after getting tattooed. So, find someone who has that level of skills and expertise.

Not understanding the meaning behind every style

Why are you going for handwritten typography fonts? You want to convey a message, right? Similarly, there is a statement attached to every specific lettering style. Take script lettering or gothic calligraphy for example. It is associated with prison or gangs.


A typo can be a spelling mistake, grammar mistake or translation mistake. People often choose a script written in some language they don’t understand. Sometimes they know the meaning of the script and sometimes they don’t.


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