French restaurants in Dubai Mall that are worth the cost

French Restaurants in Dubai Mall That Are Worth The Cost

Are you looking for exquisite dining French delicacies done with finesse? Or are you craving for warm patisseries or a bistro serving hearty French comfort food?

Be it the comforting dishes that you would like to try in the snow-capped Alps, or gorging on the just-caught fish on the French Riviera, French cuisine is a favourite in many parts of the globe and Dubai.

Whether you prefer a classy one or a cosy little cafe, we have made a list of the best and most beautiful French restaurants in the Dubai Mall that are drool-worthy and also not heavy on your pocket.

  • Entrecote Cafe de Paris

Have you heard of “Café de Paris”? It is a sauce developed by Mr Boubier back in the 1930s to complement the Faux Fillet Steak (Entrecôte) in his restaurant, which also had the same name “Cafe de Paris” in Geneva. He then launched an astounding single menu formula that garnered an instant success globally. What goes inside this sauce is still a secret till today. Their menu is quite simple, only one main course along with the steak and the Cafe de Paris sauce. It comes served with a green salad and homemade French fries. And their selection of heavenly desserts is just not-to-be-missed. 

  • Aubaine

Located just when you enter the Dubai Mall, this place will transport you to Provence. Filled with the fragrance of freshly-baked baguette, pastries, and loaves, it is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. Aubaine is an instant eye-pleaser because of its impeccably-done interiors! A passionate amalgamation of French culinary creativity and the high standards of the London dining landscape. We blaze a trajectory to original and freshly-crafted creations while maintaining the favourite staples of French cuisine close to our heart: top ingredients, delightful drinks, and world-class service. 

  • Paul Bakery and Restaurant

If you are a lover of Parisian-Esque pastries and freshly baked bread and delicacies, PAUL Bakery & Restaurant at the Dubai Mall is the best option, and it is also the world’s most significant branch. Mall-goers and pastry aficionados can devour and relish a delectable new menu, while also enjoying the stylish interiors with an ecstatic backdrop to enjoy your baked goodies – The Dubai Fountain. Offering a variety of brilliant dishes and from terraced seating to winter garden-themed seating, there is an array of options that give you a fresh and rejuvenated feel – something that you would want to go back for.

  • Angelina Tearoom

This restaurant, patisserie or tearoom is much more than what it seems. Angelina Tearoom is a luxury brand that carries a prestigious image representing the “French Way of Life”. Angelina Tearoom serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The most loved and highest-selling things here include drinks like hot chocolate, Mont Blanc tea, coffee, and the yummy macaroons, Eggs Benedict, croissants, etc. One of the best desserts here is the signature of Angelina Mont Blanc, the delicious chestnut dessert.

  • Laduree

This Parisian tea café’s speciality is its macaroons – these heavenly round cakes with a crispy outer and a smooth and soft centre. The most popular food here includes macaroons, coffee, tea, French toast, hot chocolate, and much more. Their classic French toast and the Vanilla cream French toast are both heavenly and very soft and buttery. Laduree is a must-visit if you are visiting Dubai for its experience, taste, and ambience.

  • Creptastic 

Creptastic is a modern-day crepe concept that has an urban-metropolitan theme — started with a vision to serve a real “urban food” experience offering top quality and consistency of a global eatery. This restaurant is undoubtedly doing everything original as each dish succeeds in creating different experiences and mind it; each experience generates an unforgettable moment.

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