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Kitchens, long ago, transformed from mere utility spaces to the signs of prosperity, and today they are nothing short of a style statement. A beautifully finished and impeccably managed kitchen not only leaves a great impression on your guests, but also subtly reflects the ‘kitchen queen’s’ or ‘kitchen king’s’ passion and management abilities. Regardless of your kitchen’s size, a little thought into its layout and design can change the picture entirely!

If you are looking forward to make-over your kitchen and beautify it, or even enhance its utility, the following genius kitchen decorating ideas will definitely help you out.

First, the don’ts

Here are some initial tips you need to consider before improving your kitchen, small or big.

Clutter! Clutter! Go away

It is not just the design element that differentiates your kitchen, but the way each item and appliance is organized in the right place. If you think your kitchen looks bad, try removing the clutter first. This will help you estimate the space available and the space required to enhance the utility for your kitchen. Moreover, a clutter-free environment is an aesthetic deal in itself!

Kitchen Fittings

Besides the obvious modular fittings and premium cabinets, your kitchen’s plumbing can make a substantial difference in the overall feel. Consider luxury kitchen copper sinks fitting. These premium copper sinks for the kitchen not only appear as a neat detail, but are also easy on your kitchen maintenance budget. Premium kitchen copper sinks are manufactured to give a fine finish, and have many additional benefits including easy cleaning, long life, anti-bacterial properties, and complementing design. Consider getting luxury kitchen copper sinks to upgrade your cooking arena to the next-level!

Counter Space

One thing every chef craves for is ample counter space in the kitchen. And, it is justified as every passionate chef or a weekend cook can only perform if there is sufficient space to cut, rinse, chop, mix, fry, bake, roast, and serve! You will need to estimate how much counter space you need. Once you estimate it, the cabinets, counters, modules, and even premium copper sinks for the kitchen can be arranged together to give you the kitchen of dreams.

Light & Bright?

A dark kitchen with insufficient lighting can quickly turn from a warm, nurturing cooking experience into a depressing routine of monotonous cooking. No matter how good your design is, if the human eye does not have enough light to appreciate the beauty, there is not beauty at all! Ensure that there are sufficient ceiling lamps, counter area lights, wall mounted lights, and a few fancy lamps to ramp up your cooking arena.

Now, Include these in Your Kitchen Design Plan

Pot Racks

A crucial clutter-terminator, pot racks can easily add up to your utility and space saving in the kitchen. Don’t worry about the size of your kitchen as pot racks come in many shapes and sizes. They do not necessarily have to hang from the walls or ceiling, Pot racks can be of minimalist design that can be mounted on the wall. Give your homeless pots and pans a new place to hang out so that they can all shout out your name loud when you cook!

Tool Storage

A chef’s tools are his arsenal of the best weapons to bombard the people with sumptuous dishes. Hence, they deserve respect and a dedicated place to sit. You should find some space next to your busiest counter where a tool storage rack or cabinet can be placed. Doing this will allow you to easily access any tool while cooking, without creating any clutter in the first place. You can also include a small cabinet to store appliances near the tool storage when they are not in use.

Hideaway Furniture and Additional Shelves

Hideaway furniture can be aptly summed up as the fusion of enhanced utility, utter beauty, and space savers at the same time. You can opt for hideaway drawers, cabinets, and even counters to revamp your kitchen. In addition to it, some more shelves will give you more benefits. You can display exotic cutlery and dishes on them, keep plants, even grow herbs in them. Now that is what we like to call a real kitchen!

Perfect! Now you have the right recipe to spice up your kitchen life. Use the above tips and design suggestions to come up with that perfect cooking space you not only desire but deserve.


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